Betty Boop Purses

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If you are looking for a gift that is intended for a girl or a lady, the Betty Boop purses is one great idea.  Betty Boop is a cartoon character that has been in the limelight for many, many years now.  This famous flirty cartoon character is well-loved my many girls and teenagers, but you may also include adults if you want to.  There are a lot of Betty Boop collectible items that are found in almost all department stores, and they sure are worth-collecting including the Betty Boop purses. 

I can say that the best collectible item of Betty Boop is the handbag obviously because it is the most noticeable and the most functional of all.  Most of us can’t leave the house without carrying a bag because it is the most fashionable way to carry all our valuables, which include our make-ups and gadgets.  Betty Boop handbags are stylish, but it will look much better if paired with Betty Boop purses.

I can mention three types of Betty Boop collectibles that you might want to add to your collection.  You can determine what you need as you go along reading this article.  I assume that we all know that the handbags come in different sizes, designs, colors and styles, so, there must be at least one Betty Boop purse that will look perfectly with them. 

The first type is the coin purse.  Betty Boop purses can be used by girls of all ages and even by professionals.  This will add a bit of twist and excitement to the outfits of professionals, which are usually plain and simple. 

If you don’t want your bills get mixed up with your loose coins, the coin purse is just perfect for you.  It may even be a perfect gift idea for girls on Christmas and birthdays.  The purse comes in the usual Betty Boop colors, which is black, white and red.

The second type would be the tote bag.  This is a much bigger bag that can fit all the things that you usually bring every time you go out.  I always find myself buying Betty Boop collectibles because I am such a big fan of this appealing cartoon character.  There was a time when I bought four Betty Boop purses because I just can’t resist buying all of them.  Good thing they don’t cost that much.           

And lastly, you should also have this very simple purse.  This is my favourite among the Betty Boop purses that I was able to collect.  It is black in color and seems very sturdy, and this, of course, is not complete without Betty Boop on its surface.  

Well, you see, Betty Boop purses are always fun to collect because they are fashionable and affordable.  They are not the kind of collectible items that are meant to stay in your shelves forever, instead, they are made to be used, to be seen and be appreciated. 


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