The First Steps to Learning Folders in Windows

Finding your Folder in Windows

    Click on the start button in the lower left of the screen (a small window will pop up).
    Click on My Documents in the right hand column toward the top (a new window will appear).
    Find a folder in the new window (for instance My Pictures) and double-click (quickly) on the folder icon.
    You are now in the My Pictures folder.
    You may open files or go into other folders (by double-clicking on them).

Creating a New Folder in Windows

    You must be in a folder (for instance MyDocuments) or on the desktop, or a drive, to create a new folder.
    With your mouse inside the window (in the white space) or on the desktop right-click.
    A small menu window will appear.
    Mouse down to the line that says New
    Hover the mouse over that line.
    A new menu will appear to the left or right
    Mouse over to and left click on the line that says Folder
    A new folder will appear with a blue line under it.
    You may type the name of the new file and the blue will go away leaving the new name.
    Hit the enter button and your new folder will be ready to use.
    To open the new folder, mouse over it and double-click with the left mouse button.
    If you click in the blue area before you start typing, you’ll need to delete the new folder text before typing in the new name.
    If you click outside the new folder before giving it a name, it will be given the name new folder.
    If that happens you may delete it and start over at step one.

Finding your Thumb Drive in Windows

    Insert the thumb drive into a USB port.
    If a small window appears in the center of the screen within 5-10 seconds, scroll down to the line that says Open folder to view files.
    Select that option by clicking on it.
    Click on the OK button and a new window will appear with the contents of the thumb drive showing.
    If the small window (step 2) does not appear, click on start and click on MyComputer in the upper right.
    A window will appear. The icons are the data storage units available.
    The one that says USB or External Drive or the brand name of the thumb drive is the one.
    Local Disk (C), DVD Drive (D), SD Drive (E) and/or Memory Stick (F) are not thumb drives.
    Double left click on the icon to open. The contents of the thumb drive will appear in the same window.
    Open folders by double left clicking or open files by double left clicking on them.

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