The Success And Failures of Playstation 3

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Sony is an amazing company that works hard in creating quality technological gadgets.  Between television sets to handheld radios to even gaming consoles Sony had done an amazing job.  That is why when Sony announce the PlayStation 3 so many people immediately started buzzing with excitement.

What about this PlayStation 3 gaming console was going to be so great that even the original price tag of $499 (or $599 for the premium package) was worth it?  The fact that there were going to be so many bonus features and even perhaps some of the freebies offered by many Sony online retailers for those who preordered.

Bonus Features of PlayStation 3

One of the main bonus features that created a good buzz about the PlayStation 3 was the Blu-Ray DVD playing capabilities.  No other gaming console had ever thought to convert a console into a DVD player; and not just any DVD player, but a Blu-Ray player which has some of the clearest pictures you’ve ever seen from a DVD.

In addition, Sony offered with the PlayStation 3 little bonuses like the blue-tooth wireless controllers and HDTV compatibility features.  The new upgradeable hard drive was going to be fantastic feature as well.  This was supposed to be the gaming console that knocked the rest onto the floor and into the dust.

So what happened when this coveted PlayStation 3 was released?  As mentioned, online retailers promoted this gaming console by offering free PlayStation 3 paraphernalia like games and controllers among other freebies.  All the major PlayStation fans waited in anticipation and the rest of the world waited with bated breath to see if this gaming console would prove to be everything it claimed.

Unfortunately not even the massive freebies offered by online retailers for the PlayStation 3 could continue to bolster sales after those first unlucky players learned the hard way that the system wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  The never-before-done, innovative add-ons were likely not done for a reason.  Features like the backward playing capabilities massively failed and was soon titled with “limited backward playing capabilities.”

However, just because the gaming console wasn’t everything we were led to believe didn’t mean Sony was going to give up.  The PlayStation 3 you can find in stores now is very worth the new price tag of $349 for a 250 GB upgradeable hard drive (other prices do vary according to the hard drive space).  The Blu-Ray player is still a loved feature and there are still some games from the first two PlayStations that you can play on the PlayStation 3.

Sony followed through with ensuring their product remained one of quality.  While they may have dreamt big and lost some control, they came back, shining with pride over probably one of the more innovative gaming consoles out there 


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