At Home Movie Theater

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One of the most appealing attractions of an at home movie theater is that you get to bring the action right into your living room.  Having an at home movie theater is very different than having a setup with a television in your living room—you’re going to create the movie theater experience at home.  It’s possible, even on your budget and with your space to find that escape from the world in your own home.

There are basically four elements you’ll need to bring from the theater to your own home.  An at home movie theater first of all requires darkness at any hour of the day—which means having a room.  Whether this requires you taking out your window or finding great blinds that block out all sunlight completely once you have darkness you’ll have the first most important part of an at home movie theater setting.

The second element absolutely necessary for an at home movie theater is a screen of some sort.  Whether you can afford a projector and use the wall for your screen or you have just a television set in your room you’ll have the second important element of an at home movie theater.  Your screen is what allows you to watch the movie so of course it’s very important.

The third important element of an at home movie theater is the movie player.  With current technology it’s a DVD player, Blu-Ray player or even a computer hooked up to a projector.  Once you have a method for playing movies plus the viewing screen you’re going to be well on your way to your own at home movie theater being complete.

The final and almost most important element of any at home movie theater is the surround sound.  This is going to be where spending money comes in because not many people have a spare surround sound system in their house.  For a smaller roomed theater you’ll only need a three speaker set.  However, with a larger home movie theater you’re going to need at least a six speaker set and subwoofer.  The reason for the surround sound is so you actually get the feeling of being in a theater—which is what’s important when you’re making an at home movie theater.

You’ll want to set up your at home movie theater as similar to a real theater as you can, or you can get a little creative.  For the kids you can toss down some large beanbags and for the adults have personal recliner chairs.  Just make sure everyone can see the screen.

Creating your own at home movie theater isn’t difficult and won’t cost you too much.  If you have the space you can even go so far as to have the floor raised like a real movie theater—however, that’s not necessary to create the theater feeling at home.  Simply follow this setup with the four elements mentioned, pop some buttery popcorn and sit back and relax while you and your family enjoy your favorite movies in your at home movie theater. 


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