Obama Confirms Osama Bin Laden Dead in Speech

May 1st will be remembered as the day 9/11 was “righted” – to some extent. Mastermind Osama Bin Laden, leader of the terrible attacks on the United States of America of a decade ago, has been confirmed killed by a team of American operatives. A few months earlier, President Obama received a lead on the possible location of the infamous terrorist. Intelligence agents were gathered and an investigation was conducted to determine the vericacity of the newfound knowledge. Once information had been confirmed and a plan had then been devised, an operation was set in place.

The operation was successful. Osama Bin Laden was gunned down by the investigation agents. May 1st, just a few minutes shy of 10PM Pacific Time, President Obama announced to the United States (and the world) of the recent success.

President Obama focused on various points:

  • Reminders about the devastation caused by 9/11, and the way the American people united

  • The details of how the information about gathered and what kind of operation had been set in place

  • Emphasis that although Osama’s death is a reason for rejoice, terrorists still linger

  • The cooperation between the Pakistani and United States government and their agreement that Osama’s death would indeed be a great solace

  • An even strong emphasis that this is a war on terror and not Islam. Osama Bin Ladin was a terrorist who had killed many Muslims all over the world.

The timing for this operation is indeed awkward, only a few days after the happy royal wedding celebrations. This may however give the newlyweds some much needed privacy during their honeymoon as news reporters focus on the death of the man who caused the death of thousands of Americans – and disrupted the lives and hearts of many families.

Conspiracy theories will definitely arise as this also happens to be convenient timing for the President whose popularity has been dwindling due to the economy and his inability to bring back troups from Iraq as he had promised. This news may just be enough to reach headstrong republican voters and go against the past rumors about his involvement with terrorist groups. Re-election is definitely within his sights thanks to this moment of celebration.

Source: Huffingpost.com

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