All About Chris Cobb’s Ais Home Study Program

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Four years ago, Chris Cobb had a dream to be successful one day. Nobody recognized him and he was burdened with horrendous loans. He needed to find ways to solve his problem until he ventured through the Internet. A proficient mentor introduced him to this business through affiliate marketing where he started building his empire.

So what really is affiliate marketing and how can it help you?  Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online by promoting other people’s products and services. Affiliates earn their income through commissions from websites they promote. This is how Chris made his money – he promotes his own products and helps other website owners earn revenues by being an affiliate of their websites.

Chris would recall that he was seated in one of those classes that train people to make money online. Because he found this strategy successful, he formulated a similar session otherwise known as the Automated Income Stream and had it introduced to interested people who want to earn money online.

The Automated Income Stream includes a home study program that will guide and train people to set-up an online business. Chris Cobb made sure that it will not just only be a program that provides lectures about the business; but could provide actual hands-on as well.

The home study program is good for one year and is comprised of 18 modules to cover monthly sessions. It comes with a DVD recording to guide people accordingly. This makes the learning process worthwhile so people fully understand what Chris is trying to inculcate in their minds.

The sessions cover how people can start their own business online. Setting up a website is the first priority as it sells people’s products and services. They also need to find a niche market to make these products hit big in the Internet. And they need to promote these products so many online visitors will recognize what they offer.

Selling through affiliate marketing will need affiliates to help you promote your business. These people help you build lists of names that can provide online traffic to your site. The database or the list of names you gather will be used for other marketing strategies like email marketing. You can then stipulate the products and services that you offer in an electronic mail and how it will benefit these consumers.

Chris Cobb made sure that he formulated a good system like the Automated Income Stream. It provides actual inputs on helping people build their own empire. It is not there to overload people with much information. It is there so attendees can implement what they have learned. When done, Chris assures them more sales revenues from what they initially invested.


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