Tips to Help You Choose The Right Beginner Golf Equipment

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When you first start golfing, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the abundance of available golf equipment. Many of the things advertised as perfect for new golfers actually fall short of being ideal for beginners. Spending lots of money on equipment that won’t help you build a solid foundation for your golf game will leave you worse off than buying the right equipment to start with.

Gloves are one of the first investments you should make as a golfer. Golf gloves come in packs of one are designated for left or right handed golfers. You can find them in pairs but it isn’t necessary to purchase two gloves for golf unless that is simply your personal preference. Why are gloves so important when you golf? Many people get blisters from gripping the club but wearing gloves will help prevent them. Be sure to get gloves that fit well, as poorly fitted ones can interfere with your game play, especially if they cut off circulation. Your next investment should be a high quality putter. In an attempt to get extra distance, most people focus on drivers and woods. If you’re really interested in bringing your game up to the next level, the short game (the strokes that take place near or on the green) is going to be where you need to improve most. Most golf stores have a small green area where you test out putters to see which loft, shaft length, and grip you prefer best; then you can compare prices online to get the best deal.

Finally invest in a solid set of beginner’s golf clubs. When you’re first learning the game is not the time to buy the priciest set of clubs available. You won’t know if you need to be using steel shafts or flexible shafts. The best height is something else you won’t know. As a beginner, you’re not ready to decide if a pair of gloves or new clubs will help you gain more control and get better distance. Beginning golfers can be tempted to buy many different pieces of golf equipment. This is one sport where there are all kinds of bright, shiny, and distracting gadgets and gizmos to choose from. But take your time, buying only the equipment that you need as a beginner and build your inventory as your game improves. You will find you’re ready for the next level in no time after starting with these basics.


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