Beginning Golf Equipment And What You Should Know

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When people first take up golf, they need less equipment than they may realize. Until you’ve learned more of the basics of the game, you won’t need all the bells and whistles that are available. Until then, you really can’t benefit from some of the more advanced pieces of golf equipment anyway. As you pick out your starter kit, keep these important tools in mind.

The first thing you need to invest in is a good driver. The first thing you need to be knowledgeable of is that there are some “specialty” drivers which aren’t exactly approved by the PGA. In keeping with where you are and what your aspirations are as a golfer, it’s possible this is not a snag for you. Different people have different needs when it comes to drivers. Ordinarily, drivers that have flexible shafts allow for a larger distance, however less manipulation. If you have difficulty with hooks, slices, or rogue balls you may wish to let go of distance for more control by using a steel shafted driver. You should also take a bit of time to investigate the most comfortable shaft length for you to use prior to making your purchase too. This will take a little experimenting to find the perfect length but it will be time well spent in terms of less back pain after 18-holes. A high quality putter is the next piece of equipment to invest in. Woods and drivers receive the majority of most people’s attention in the hopes of getting extra distance. If you’re really interested in bringing your game up to the next level, the short game (the strokes that take place near or on the green) is going to be where you need to improve most. After you test out a few putters at a golf store to see which loft, shaft length, and grip you prefer best, you can compare prices online so you get the best deal.

The final piece of equipment you should invest in is a good set of beginner’s golf clubs. When you’re first learning the game is not the time to buy the priciest set of clubs available. When learning the game, you don’t know if you need steel shafts or flexible shafts. You also won’t know what height will suit you the best. You won’t know if you need clubs that can help you with distance and control or if a pair of gloves would help you more.

Start small when you buy starter golf equipment. Then you can add more expensive pieces one at a time until you have the set you are confident will help you accomplish all your goals on the course and at the driving range. This is how you get the most bang for your buck when getting started with the great game of golf.


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