Seo Articles-What You Must Know

Quality article marketing is all about using the best of articles to get the highest return on your time investment. Now, anyone who has good writing skills can get people to read one of their articles. This is because it is not that hard to do when you are writing on the internet. However, writing an article that will ultimately be ranked by the search engines is an entirely different thing. You need to keep a lot of things in mind to make sure your article gets the right kind of exposure through the search engines. There is not one reason why you should not respect the very important points of SEO when writing your articles.

Keyword Stuffing is Wrong: The golden rule (or at least one of them) of writing SEO articles is to artfully weave in your chosen keywords so they seem natural. You need to work at keeping the keyword density of your articles below five percent because once you get higher than that, your articles approach the “danger zone.” Search engines do not like articles that are stuffed with keywords because they aren’t very reader friendly and they do seem spammy. You need to keep your articles sensible and only include the keywords when they feel necessary. In addition to the search engines not liking it, article directories reject articles that have a keyword density that is too high. Get Extra Mileage from Your Resource Box: It’s very important that you have your main keyword in your resource box. These keywords let people know what your articles are about. While it isn’t absolutely essential to include the long tail keyword in your article’s resource box it is a good idea to at least include a general keyword. Your article’s resource box is a place where you can write anything you want that could help you drive more visitors to your site and at the same time give some food for thought to the search engine spiders.

Consider Local Niches: If you’re working with a local niche it’s a good idea to save the city name for the resource box while you use the main article to address the general niche. This lets you get the best possible benefit from search engine traffic. The placement and frequency of keywords in articles is really important. To sum up, optimizing your articles for the major search engines is just the first step that needs to be taken if you want to see real results for your efforts. Once you get a good position in the major search engines like Google, you’ll be able to expand your reach and target many more keywords that will bring you additional traffic through a number of your articles. If you really want success you need to make sure that your articles are properly optimized and that you focus on the key things that will help make sure that both the readers and the search engine spiders appreciate what you’ve created.

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