Unrest on April 30Th. in Gujrawala, Pakistan

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Unrest today in Gujrawala, Pakistan


22 hours ago by erikretallick in 


Dear brothers and sisters, earlier this morning I received the following message from a friend in Gojra, in the Punjab region of Pakistan.”Brother in gujranwala pakistan Muslims are burning the church and christian homes

they are running
they leave their home
we do not know how many injuried and death
they are burning now

only 4 hour on bus
brother we should go there for there help like food and clothes and more
but we have no donation for this
i will try to give them few
brother they are in big problem now muslims are many and they are few they are running
we should go there
if we will take a rental car then only i think 2 hour requried

when i listen that the sight of GOJRA incident in my eyes and tear in my eyes

if u will send me fast them i will go as early as possible
i will wait
i will take food or other thing for them

now i will go for current new and call any person of gujrawala.”

We can gather from this report that what may be happening right now in Gujrawala could be a possible repeat of the Gojra incident two years ago. We pray in God’s mercy that this will not be the outcome.

We have a brother in Christ, who wrote this report who is standing by at the ready to take aid, supplies and funds to the Christians in Gujrawala as soon as he actually has something to take them.

Please pray fervently for the protection of these brothers and sisters and that God would meet their immediate material and physical needs.

If you feel moved to become involved, please would you go to www.hope-ngo.organd donate as soon as you can to this cause. If you contact me on erikretallick@yahoo.co.uk I can tell you how to transfer funds by Western Union, which I have been advised is even quicker.

HOPE for Suffering Humanity (HSH)
HOPE is a voluntary, non-government, non-profit and non-political organization that was founded in 2005 and offers education, training, and health facilities to those in need. We mainly emphasize womens development. Human rights are the core agenda of Hope. Human rights exist to affirm the dignity…



“Lord God, Heavenly Father, We bring before You the events unfolding in Gujrawala, Pakistan, even as we pray. We thank You that You are a God who is in control of the affairs of men and that You make the wrath of men to praise You. Be with our brothers and sisters in Gujrawala at this time, we pray. Help them to know Your loving care and protection and hear them as they cry out to You in their deep suffering and need. We ask that You will move our hearts with the compassion of Christ, to be ready to reach out to them in their hour of need, knowing that in doing so we are serving You and glorifying Your name. Father, hear our prayers which we bring to You in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Lord. Amen.”


Apparently, so I have been informed tonight, the Police moved in and prevented any deaths occurring although some Christians were injured. This is the second incident within two weeks where the police have intervened, and it has been since the assassination that such interventions have occurred. Bhatti was the last Christian minister left in the Pakistani Government before he was shot and he had said on several occasions that he was willing to lose his life standing up for his faith in Jesus and opposing the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

The lady in the Government who they thought was going to champion the cause after Bhatti’s death (not a Christian, as far as we know) has had to go into hiding and lodges in safe houses at night. Many Christians have mysteriously died in prison from unknown causes, some are still being detained and even tortured. Those who are “free” are unable to work other than sweep floors and carry out menial occupations, even if they are highly educated! In the case of women, they can sometimes serve in Muslim households.

Please remember the Pakistani Christians in your prayers (especially in the Punjab), and in your giving (see above). Sign any petitions to get the blasphemy laws in Pakistan changed and write to the High commissioner for Pakistan or the Government of Pakistan. We may want them to do the same sorts of things for us soon, and they may not be there any longer to do it!


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