How The Media Keeps Obama's Secrets Hidden

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Ever since he was Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the news media has been hiding secrets about him that they don’t want the public to know.    By “secrets”  we do not mean something that you can’t know or something that you can’t find out.  Rather the democratic party in and its spokesmen:  MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC  know that the America public is too lazy  or busy to actually dig into a candidates views history on their own.  So the media will spoon feed the people public a white washed view of Obama because the media voted for him the first time and they will again.  MSNBC and the rest of the news media are, on a good day, socialists.  On a bad day they are, in my very own personal opinion, America hating communists who worship at the altar of our destruction.

There is a notion in the computer world called security by obscurity.  If you make something hard to find or make unlikely that people will find it, then chances are, most people won’t find it

The main way the press hides Barack Hussein Obama’s secrets is by just not talking about them.   Below are a number of facts about Obama that if  any rational person thought about enough would clearly make  Obama unfit for the presidency–unless you are a communist who wants to see capitalism in general and the United States in particular destroyed.  This what most of the media are and want.


1)  Obama was married by and his children were christened by a preacher who so hates the United States that he says we brought 9/11 on ourselves

2)  Obama sat in front a preacher for 20 years who spoke in every sermon about how much he hated the United States, its people and its history.

3)  Obama deliberately surrounded himself with communists, Marxists and socialists during his colleges years.

4)  Obama deliberately surrounded himself with communists, Marxists and socialists during in his business and social dealings.

5)  Obama has bowed deeply to every potentate, foreign leader and dictator in the world.

6)  MSNBC and the rest of the media will make very certain that you do not see those pictures Obama bowing to other worlds leaders every day.

7)  The reason the news media had better hide all those photos of Obama bowing to world leaders from the electorate during the 2012 elections is that they might realize that Obama’s  foreign policy is to move the United States firmly into the back of the bus and make us subservient to every other nation on the planet.

8)  Most American’s might not like the US acting as the butler and the maid for the United Nations and the bathroom attendant for Europe and the Middle East.  But this exactly where Obama has already take the US.  Notice in the Libya adventure, we did not do what the American people wanted or what congress wanted, we did what the UN wanted.  We did what Europe wanted.  We did what Muslim and Arabic nations wanted.  Remember Americans, under Obama,  America’s national  interests and desires are inferiors to those of ALL others.  That’s what Obama meant by bowing to all those foreign leaders.

9)  If reelected Obama will almost certainly destroy the economy.

10) Don’t worry, he will destroy the American economy for good reason.

11)  The first reason is to make China the world’s only super power.

12)  The second reason is destroy capitalism.

13)  The third reason is save the environment.  Why is shutting down the US economy to save the environment only the as high as the third rationale at best?    Here is the scary, scary thought.  Everyone who is essentially saying the US must shut down in order to save the world knows that even if Climate Change or Global Warming are man-made, shutting down the entire west would have no effect on the climate.  China and India would easily take up the slack and pump out more carbon than we ever did.  Think back to the last Olympics, remember when China had to shut down its industries so that athletes could breathe?

So if nothing we in the west could do would affect the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere even if we shut down our economies altogether, why are people like Obama, with his skyrocketing electricity prices,   insisting on some kind of carbon trading scheme to throttle our economies anyway?     It is because the real target is capitalism.    Obama and everyone who suggests that the west has to do anything about Climate Change or Global Warming are Marxists bent on the destruction of capitalism.  The real shocker is not that   Obama is a communist.  Obama was raised and schooled to be a communist.  He can be nothing else.  What is truly odd is that some who call themselves republicans, conservatives or libertarians also buy into the hoax that is Global Warming and the fraud that is Climate Change.  Sorry conservatives but this means you have stealth communist traitors in your ranks who no matter what they tell you they are doing, are actually worshiping at the altar of the destruction of the United States.

14)  Barack Hussein Obama does not believe in Freedom.

He does not believe in liberties or civil rights either.  Rather Obama believes that the federal government has the absolute right of life and death over all citizens and that the purpose of a citizen is to obey the government.  Obama and indeed all democrats have no God but government and government is their God.  If you catch them in unguarded moments they often make fun of the constitution because they don’t believe in it.  The do believe in the communist manifesto and they are doing everything in their power to make sayings of Karl Marx and even Chairman Mao into law.

The central tenet of Obamism is that your wealth is not your own.  Rather your wealth belongs the socialist government of Obama and he will redistribute your wealth to the lazy, the stupid and the odious as he sees fit.  You are not free to choose what to do with your own money but Obama is.

15)  Universal health care is not universal.

The Obama administration has given 1,000 or more waivers to Obamacare  to organizations, unions and companies that have funded and supported the democrat party.  In other words, those waivers were paid for.

Do you have a waver?  Does your business?  Does your employer?  Why not?  Didn’t you bribe the democratic party?

Where is that equal protection clause?  Oh yeah, it’s not part of the communist manifesto.  Never mind.

16)  In his administration, Obama has surrounded himself with communists, socialists, Marxists and even Maoists.

17)  Obama is just a Bush clone.

George Bush created one of the biggest and most expensive government giveaway programs every imagined for pharmacies and medicines.  President Barack Hussein Obama followed suit with Obamacare.

Bush kept Guantanamo open, held military tribunals for terrorists and opened our mail and listened to our phone calls to “keep up safe.”  Obama is doing all that and more.  He is having government stick it’s hands down our pants and take pornographic pictures of us.

Bush got us into a war with two Muslim nations–Iraq and Afghanistan.  Obama continues those wars and added another war with a Muslim nation–Libya.

18)  Obama has promised that he will make electricity rates skyrocket.

This will make the cost of everything you buy skyrocket.  This will make employers hire less and fire more.

19)  Name the country that is completely and reliably dependent on green, alternative and renewable energies.  There isn’t one.  If some tells you there is  he is at best ignorant.  At worst he is just a liar.  Google the reliability of windmill power for instance.  Read the articles pro and con and if you are intellectually honest you will come away with something you knew before you sat down.   Windmills only produce power when the wind blows sufficiently in the right places at the right times.  This wreaks havoc to any country that actually tries to put some percentage of it’s power grid into windmills.

What percentage of current US energy capacity is “green” after two years of Obama?   Again, if you are intellectually honest, that ought to tell you something.  What percentage of US jobs are green?  How about the world?  How about any country in the world?

20)  The US mandate to turn corn into ethanol is causing food riots and starvation in the third word.

Turning sugar cane into to ethanol would make more economic and environmental sense but we don’t because of politics.

21)  Increasing the percentage of ethanol usage in the in the US will destroy all out internal combustion engines.  But maybe that’s what Obama wants?

22)  Gas cost so much because Obama has put a moratorium on drilling and will not allow us to exploit oil in Alaska and other places.

23)  Food and gas prices are rising because Obama has inflated the money by spending, borrowing and printing more money than he brought in through taxes.

24)  Only a fool would trust a democrat with more money by raising taxes.  Democrats will spend at least $3 for every $1 they bring in.  This is one reason why republicans must insist on seeing the cuts first.  Either the cuts must happen up front or they will never happen.

25)  Death panels are real.

Obama has said that his own grandmother should not receive a hip replacement or a knee replacement even if she needed one because she was too old.  How do you think he feels about your grandmother?


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