Yoga And Monastery

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Each of us can choose one of two ways: to stay to stay in the same environment, or enter a monastery. Staying in the same environment, we must accustom him to incorporate yoga into it. After retiring as a monastery, we say goodbye to a normal life for some period of time. If you are a person truly financially secured, consider your departure to the monastery is not serious. Usually a person has in our lives to work and pretty cool to make ends meet and provide for themselves and their families. Businessmen rarely throw his job and go to the monastery of well-fed lives and their business activities.

 Typically, middle-aged and middle-income hungers not go into a monastery in order to achieve great spiritual heights. Problems fell on him. Also, very rarely are the catalysts for departure from everyday life.

A widely known saying goes: a healthy body – healthy mind. Therefore, our type seeks primarily to establish their physical health, and only then do your mental well-being. How, then, it will be able to solve their problems, being in a whirlpool of boiling and bubbling of life around him and with his participation?

Even if the person himself unable to cope with their sores and issues, having gone to the monastery, he will change little in itself. Changing the external environment will not change him, wherever he was. The only justification for such care is rightly viewed as a desire to deeply believing person more deeply immersed in their faith. It is in this case, the monastery will give him an indispensable service to protect it from all sorts of problems.

In our time, financially secure person can afford to be trained in the most private schools of yoga and get after graduation certificate or diploma. But can we really in a couple years to learn all the psychology and the wisdom of yoga? A couple of years we can only learn the technical aspects of the exercises, but nothing more. Maybe coming home, you declare to all that were in the best school of yoga in the descendants of the founders of the classical yoga schools. Perhaps there are simpletons who will believe you, and you will teach them the technical side of yoga, not in a position to teach them more important for self-improvement classes. In my opinion, it looks like a physical training lessons in a regular school.

If you go to India for self-improvement, then that’s another song. What to do with this wealth of knowledge, if not teach it to others, you may ask. It’s all more complicated than it seems at first glance. Returning to the same social environment from which you moved to India, you will need to make a serious choice: either to shake throughout your community wisdom (in this case, they decide that you are corny clever), or do not stick your neck out, and thus gradually become again the same as before the trip.

As you can see neither the first nor the second option does not justify your trip to India.

It turns out that a daily yoga practice at home when you’re in the midst of all sorts of events will give you much more benefit and enlightenment.

You finally realize what has been achieved through yoga composure possible to live happily in any was seemed unhappy life. The absence of anxiety and ill help you see and perceive the world quite differently. Mastering the relaxation of body and mind through yoga – the only way your development.


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