Bitter Melon Can Avoid Diabetes

Who does not know bitter melon? People often avoid vegetables on this one because it’s bitter. Despite the bitter, bitter melon was a lot of benefits for health. With a little trick, pare still good to eat and can prevent various diseases.

Vegetables that this one is a vine with fruit elliptical with pointed tip. Her squiggly become his trademark. Type too diverse, there is little pare, pare pare bangkok and white.

Typical greens this is a bitter taste. It turns out the bitter taste of this vegetable it gives many health benefits. Various diseases can be prevented by eating vegetables that are named Latin Momordica this Charabtia.

There are some benefits that are owned by the plants from this tropical Asian region.

Bitter melon compounds containing insulin or hypoglycemic plants are very effective in keeping blood sugar levels rise. Because, this plant is known to improve glucose intolerance in people who are exposed to attacks from millitus diabetes or diabetes.

Bitter melon juice which is ombined  with red onion and lime juice is useful in treating cholera at an early stage.

Do not be afraid to taste this bitter vegetable. Because, there are bitter in taste nutritious to boost the immune system. Increases body resistance by eating bitter melon regularly.

Demolish Fat
Drink two glasses of bitter melon juice mixed with milk or buttermilk, three times a day could demolish the body fat. Because it is very well taken by those who are dieting.

Skin disease
If bitter melon eaten regularly every day, various types of skin diseases can dicehak. Regularly. Such as, psoriasis and fungal infections (ringworm or scabies).

Bitter melon juice can be a healthful beverage. Because pare can help the process of detoxification (removal of toxic substances) in the body. The result is more fit and healthy body.

Pare can be eaten on a regular basis, to be pan-fried side dish or vegetable stew made with other vegetables ,.To avoid a sense of bitterness, having been cut, bitter melon knead with a little salt and sugar until wilted. Squeeze, rinse clean and cook according to taste.

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