Spring Butterflies/and Summer Days at The Beach/and Spring Brings a Rainbow of Hope/and Springtime/and Spring

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Spring Butterflies

The butterfly garden beaming of color

Their beautiful wings glow under rays of sun

I wish I could catch just one

Drinking the last morning dew

Landing softly on flowers they shine

These spring butterflies of mine

The butterfly garden is one breathtaking view

An Earth so refreshed and so new,

Summer Days at the Beach

Sun rays whisper upon the ocean waves.

People gather to enjoy the summer days.

Walks along the endless shoreline,

and surfers waiting for the high tide.

Children playing in the sand,

and couples walking hand in hand.

Sailboats sailing on the sea,

and an artist sketches a picture of a palm tree.

Sandcastles are lovely along the shore,

and summer days bring much, much more.

The evening sun will be setting now,

and the ocean will reflect the lighthouse.

Another summer day will soon arise,

and the seagulls will soar the baby blue skies.

Spring Brings a Rainbow of Hope

The sun lifts the blanket of snow,

as spring brings a rainbow of hope.

Trees burst forth their shades of green,

bringing the rebirth of a lovely spring.

The robin is tending to it’s nest,

and winter is now put to rest.

Trumpet flowers spread their perfume,

welcoming summer in the month of June.

Songbirds sweet music fills the air,

as gardeners prune the roses with care.

The warmth of the sun can smile on your skin,

and hummingbirds are drawn to the garden again.


Roses, jasmine, and daisies in bloom,

their scent of perfume fills my room.

Springtime spreads shades of green.

Happily the sparrows sing.

A new day has just begun,

spilling rays of shining sun.


Sunshine waking dawn

Spring rain showering the lawn

Sparrows chirping songs

The morning sunshine

Lifts the dew drops from the pines

Softly the wind cries

Red roses blooming

They will often need pruning

Honeybees zooming

Spring is a season that brings refreshment to the earth. A new beginning. Summer follows opening the door for much fun and vacation at the beach. Nature is truly amazing in what it offers the world. People flock to the beaches for summer fun. Children love to build sandcastles and above the seagulls fly the baby blue skies. Nature poetry and Haiku describing the wonderous seasons of spring and summer.


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