Time to Take The Spotlight, Ladies!

Time to Take the Spotlight, Ladies!

I’ve told you that too often I am the only female speaker in multiple-speaker lineups. When I asked promoters why that is, they told me some hard truths that I shared with you.

Since I first told you that last year, many of you have stepped up to strengthen your talks and offers and prove that you really can hold your own on the stage.

It’s a strong start, but come on, ladies…there are MANY more of you who are ready to join me on stage, and you know who you are!

Here’s how we can make that happen. Below are the things that promoters said to me, and the ways you can turn that perception around:

1. They said that women can’t hold the stage, can’t hold the audience. Holding the audience means having a well-thought-out Signature Talk, being able to connect with everyone from the first row to the back row and being relatable, being creditable and vulnerable at the same time.

The truth is promoters want to book more women. When we’re in our power, we light up the stage!

2. They said that women don’t stay on point. When you tell a story during your talk it should lead to one main point. You should know why you’re telling that story, it has a purpose. Your talk also should be reverse engineered to lead to the conclusion, which in your speak-to-sell talk is your offer.

A clear structure keeps you on point and confident, and it keeps the audience engaged and comfortable in your steady embrace.

3. They said that most women are afraid to ask for the sale. This argument we can totally abolish! Many of you are coming to do that with me at my Live Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp in June, where I’ll teach you how to make an Irresistible Offer. Making an offer without being salesy really is as simple as following a formula, and you can do it, enjoy it and have amazing sales results.

Another problem I see is that many women are using explosive techniques when they really have a magnetic style. They’re using gimmicks when it would be more natural for them to draw people in. I’ll talk more about that in my next feature article.

If you get up on stage feeling confident, prepared and giving great value, the sky is the limit on your impact, your reach and your potential for sales.

So, get up there, ladies, and take your rightful place in the spotlight! Your gifts are needed in the world and your presence is needed on the stage.

Are YOU ready to step up with your Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer?

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