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Pain Participates, Do You?

The wanting to be fixed like we were a car at the mechanics, does not work for us if we do not participate. Huge numbers of people think that a doctor has all the answers. I invite you to rethink that position.

Doctors have a lot of technical information and that is great and offers tremendous potential. The things that doctors do not have are your intuition, perception and gut feeling as to what is wrong. Also, a major problem is that we the patients frequently lie to the doctors because we lie to ourselves.

Many doctors are like human computers in that they take in and process huge amounts of information and spit out the results. The results are based on the raw data that is available to the doctors. Like computers, the quality of the info is key. The computer expression GIGO can apply to your health. If you lie to the doctor and put GARBAGE IN, don’t be surprised when you get GARBAGE OUT. Thankfully, most doctors can overcome that by using their intuition and experience to modify your input. You may say that you don’t lie. I did ambulance work for thirty years and I can tell you that a lot of people lie because they don’t want the Doctor to know that they did not do what they were told. If you are going to be bad and not do what the doctor prescribed, please be honest about that because your health is on the line.

Furthermore, you can accumulate lots of information that can speed up the treatment process. It is best to record all the experiences with the date and time that you had them. This helps the doctor understand a lot. Also report what you feel as best you can.

Besides physical symptoms, everything about your life can impact so your diet, activities, emotional episodes, spiritual experiences, fears, phobias etc etc need to be conveyed to your doctor. Play like the doctor hired you to be a medical detective and report accordingly.

The biggest area that i can help people with is stuffed emotions and cellular memory. These have a lot more influence on your health than people realize.
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