Make Your Own Economic Recovery – 5 Ways To Earn Money Through The Internet

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During this period of tough economic times, a lot of people are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. Gasoline prices are on the way up and more people than ever are realizing that the conventional job may not be as secure as once was thought. Here are some ways you can make some extra money to help you get by or turn into a full time income possibly. If you establish an income independent of a regular job, you will develop a freedom that you have not previously enjoyed, because it will not matter about layoffs or the economy. These are 5 ways you can earn money through the internet fairly easy and quickly.
1. Freelancing- If You have a special skill or talent such as writing, graphics creation, website design, programming or almost anything else, you can always hire out your services for a good price. There are a lot of sites on the internet that will allow you to advertise your services for free. There is a huge market for a lot of these skills with very few people to fill this need. Sites like, and are examples of just a few of these. Make sure you fill out your profile when you sign up for these sites and include some samples of your work for potential clients to look at and you should have no problem making some extra money with your skill.
2. Customer Service- Many companies outsource their customer service to independent agents, this is something you can do from your home and make a decent income. Do a Google search for the term “customer service work” and you will find lists of these companies willing to pay you to handle certain portions of their customer service. As always, make sure you understand the hours you will be expected to work and exactly what you will be expected to do. Sites that handle jobs like this are and
3. Virtual Concierge- This is a little known enterprise, but demand is rising for this service. It usually consists of setting appointments, running errands and doing numerous tasks that employers do not have time for. Good customer service skills are very helpful and you can charge from $14 per hour and up. A good site to pick up these kinds of jobs is
4. Tutoring- You can tutor students that need help with their homework. There are a lot of these jobs available online and there are numerous sites you can register with to provide this service. Sites like are very reputable, be aware that most of these sites require you to take a test when you apply. You can make $10 per hour and up helping these students. Make sure you check your schedule and set aside the times required by the tutoring site.
5. Direct Sales- If you have skill with direct sales, many companies have programs where they hire people on a commission basis to perform direct sales of their products, you can make a great living doing this if you are skilled in this area. Contact the Direct Selling Association at for a list of companies looking to contract sales people to perform this tasks. You can match companies with your own interests on this site and pick the ones that interest you.
The key to earning money through the internet is persistence and perseverance and picking something you enjoy and sticking with it. Taking action is the key to getting this done. Statistics show that approximately 2.7 million people in the United States make their sole source of income on the internet and this number is growing everyday. You can become one of them, but one of the main traits you need to possess is the belief that you can actually do this and it is being done by normal people like you everyday. Just apply yourself and have confidence and you can create your own income for you and your family.


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