5 Simple Steps To Make Money From Home For Single Mums

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There are many single mums out there that are really struggling at the moment financially and need a way to make an extra income from home. It can be very hard as their is often not much support out there and when you have kids to feed it makes the situation even more critical. That’s why I have written this article to help you out and give you some real valuable step by step instructions to get you earning from home in the quickest possible time. Here are 5 simple steps to make money from home for single mums:

  1. Find something you are passionate about and see if their is a business opportunity for you. Go to Wordtracker.com right now and type in your keyword phrase for your hobby or passion.For example if you like tennis type in tennis into Wordtracker.com and if their are more than 1,000 searches a month or more than you have a niche you can use as a part time business as you know their is a market.

  2. If your broke and don’t have much money why not take your chosen passion and create an ebook and sell it to people who are searching everyday for great information. Just go to Microsoft Word and start writing your ebook. Make is content rich and very valuable information that can help people. Once you have created your ebook convert this to a PDF file by going to pdf995 by doing a Google search and download the free software.

  3. Once you have your PDF ebook complete you will want to create a sales page on order to use as a platform to sell your ebook. Have a look on ClickBank and see if their are any products in your niche being sold on there. Look at the best sales letters and get ideas on structure and format but never copy. If you prefer you can also outsource your sales letter to copywriters at Elance.com

  4. By this stage your sales letter should be done and next you need to put a merchant account in place so people can pay you. Try PayPal first to start with as this free and the easiest. Just sign up to PayPal and get the code and paste this into your website.

  5. Next you need to reach people to sell your say $27 ebook. The best methods to sell your information product are press releases, joint ventures,article marketing and ezine adverts. You can also use Google AdWords pay per click but this can be expensive so move onto pay per click once you have mastered the other methods.

I hope that you are now seeing the power of these 5 steps which i use in my business from home every day.Just use the steps in your home business and take massive action.There are thousands of single mums out there that have used these techniques and seen huge changes in their lives.


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