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As soon as I get up in the morning, I go straight ahead to my kitchen and prepare my coffee.  Without sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, my day will surely be incomplete.  I want it fresh and brewed.  I grind my coffee beans; it’s something that I do before I brew.  I manage to do my coffee and supervise my child playing and running around, and while the cat is waiting to be fed.  I really can’t focus myself to do all the household chores without hearing the sound of my automatic coffee maker.  It‘s such a music to my ears.  The coffee maker is really a big help when I really want a brewed coffee.   I get my ground coffee beans, place it in the filter, fill up the water vessel, and in an instant, I will have my cup of brewed coffee.  

My husband gave me an automatic coffee maker.  He bought it from one of the appliance stores at a discounted rate.  The coffee maker was fine, but I was not satisfied with the taste of the coffee.  The flavor was far from what I expected my coffee to taste.  Since he noticed that I don’t like the automatic coffee maker that much, h e bought me again another set, which was more expensive than the first one.  I was actually pleased with the taste of the coffee.  I can easily program my automatic coffee maker in the morning, which I never do because I don’t want to assume that everything will turn out fine without me watching.  In case a problem occurs, I probably would not know what to do and I don’t want to see coffee scattered all over just because the coffee maker did not functioning well.

The automatic coffee maker brand that I have is the Brewmaster, and I am greatly satisfied with it.   This coffee maker can be closely compared to those that we usually find in restaurants and coffee shops.  It brews coffee just perfectly and is kept warm through the warming plate.  The warming plate is one thing that I find important in a coffee maker.  It must be able to maintain the right temperature of the coffee without getting burned. 

The automatic coffee maker is one of my favourite appliances at home, and I just can’t live without it.  I could call myself a coffee addict and an automatic coffee maker addict as well.  Well, it sounds logical, isn’t it?  The aroma of a brewed coffee is what makes my day complete.  It gives me the kind of rush that I need every day. 


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