Baby Shower Favors

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 A baby shower is an exciting and happy occasion especially for soon-to-be moms.  It is a fun thing to do before the arrival of a baby.  The parents, including their relatives and friends, feel happy and are all eager to see the baby.  Expectant mothers usually extend their appreciation to all the people who have showed love and undying support by giving them a baby shower favor.  These are actually tokens given to guests. 

In organizing a baby shower, think of a design for your invitations as well as for the venue.  Also consider with great importance the food and baby shower favors.  It is easier to plan if you have already a theme in mind.  There are also companies that offer personalized tokens, and what they usually have are cartoon character themes filled with colourful prints.  

Sugared almonds are home-made candies that are considered one of the most preferred favors.  They can be accented with baby booties, baby bibs or with baby dresses.  What’s good about these favors is that they are reusable.  Candies or sweets can come in the shape of baby bottles, pacifiers, teethers or baby toys.  You can also use miniature baby bottles and put some sweets in it.  You can, likewise,  give bath time accessories, such as rubber duckies.  The favors will look better if they have a personal touch.  Put the name of the guest and write a thank you note on the tags attached to the tokens.  

Scented baby soap is also ideal for a baby shower favor.  Put it inside a box or wrap it with a colourful baby wrapper then tie a ribbon around it.  Miniature baby accessories can also be a great gift, for instance, you may give away baby bottles that are filled with potpourri or bath salts. Scented candles that are shaped like teddy bears, ducks or any baby-related designs are good tokens, too.    There are more designs available in the market that you can choose from for your baby shower favor.  I suggest that you choose the one that can be used or displayed. 

You can use alphabet building blocks as your theme and put inside it some chocolate candies, key chains, rosaries, silver rings or bracelets.  You can add some bears, ducky designs or alphabet designs to make it cuter.  Why not also try giving out cookies or chocolate with different shapes and designs for your baby shower favors?  Your guests would also love to have champagnes in small bottles. 

Make sure that your guests will enjoy the baby shower.  Try to have some games where everybody could participate and to make the party more alive. The guessing game is one exciting game that will make everybody participate.  Let your guests guess the sex of the baby and the expected date of delivery.  Having this kind of party, you are able to extend your support either morally or emotionally to the mom- to-be. 


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