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Have you ever wished to to travel by air? Ever wished going to places thousands of miles away in just a couple of minutes? Have you noticed that air travel is lot more frequent than before? India has a very high demand for air travel. 

Aviation in India has shown tremendous expansion for the past 10 years. The government has begun the process of liberalizing to minimize air travel in the 1990’s. Since implementation, the aviation sector started to slowly drop.   During the 1990’s exclusive companies tolerated working as air taxi operators. The country has seen first hand the revolution of private participation of the aviation sector, companies likes Spicejet Airways,  Jet Airway, Kingfisher Airlines,  Air Sahara and many others. In 1994, therse secretive airlines began offers schedules to the Navy. This was against the liberation process and they were at risk of being arrested. It was when a majority of private players quickly banned these deals. Only two aviation companies survived, which are Air Sahara and Jet Airways. These two companies found a way to work through the liberation process. Early 2005 some private airlines were allowed to go international. Today, Indian Airlines, Air India, and Jet Airways are working international flights. 

The aviation sector is made out of navy shipment which are both international and domestic and international army passenger. The country also have private charter planes.

In India, the aviation sector became the second biggest in the world, only next to the United States of America. The aviation sector has been a prominent and a has had a long journey in United States. While India offers alternative transportation like, trains, buses, and others. The aviation fleet in India has 312 units and it speculated to have 370 by 2007. The sector is showing a steady increase of 7% every year. The demand travel by air is increasing every year. Praful Pates, the Civil Aviation Minister, confirmed India would have an incremental increase of 1500 to 2000 flights in the next decade.

Privatization of the sector has made headway and is more competitive and budget friendly. There have been an increase of quality in terms of maintenance and repairs. Nurmerouse proposals has been passed to make aimed to make airports better and bigger, expansion of runways not just in private airports but also in public ones. Comforable and very speedy travel at a good price is making the aviation sector the best and most effective way of travelling. 


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