Home Buying Process

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Have you been for some time trying to get your very own dream house? For sure, you are. However, it would be quite frustrating to note that on buying the house you would be totally frustrated. Why? Your neighbors are not as what you expect them to be and the entire neighborhood is not safe for your entire family.

In order to avoid this event to happen, you need to be responsible to do a thorough research of the entire environment where your prospected dream house is situated. Yes, you can’t just rely on your real estate agent’s recommendation without having to see it for yourself and experience what it feels like to be living there. So, this is the reason why it is a must to just go out there and try to mingle with the neighbors, try to throw out few questions that are relevant to you upon moving to that area.

It is part of the home buying process that you should also assess the entire neighborhood if it’s safe to stay, the traffic there and also its proximity towards the market, school, church and hospitals. Additional information coming from the city planners can be also a big help. Ask them if there are plans of improving the road in the future or if there is road widening project coming right up in the next couple of years. Important information that you want to require from local authorities is the crime rate within the community. 

You can have the opportunity of doing further research in terms of how close your home would be to different sorts of community services such as the hospital, fire station, police and other related government agencies. It is highly recommended to call up the right government agency and ask what would be the needed requirements when you intend to expand your house in the near future as well as for the drainage system. 

In some parts of the country, the law does require the seller to give and disclose certain information for prospective buyers. Realtors will hand out to the sellers a certain form where they can put in all the details when it comes to zoning, presence of noise, waste treatment, how far the airport would be, and other issues that will affect the homeowner in the future. This will form part of the document incorporated with the purchase agreement. If the seller will in some way misrepresent or did not disclose matters that will affect the buyer’s decision to buy the house, then the seller will be held liable and can be sued for misrepresentation.

Buying a new home can be a good thing and do a thorough research of the community which you will soon become part with plays an integral part of making it much easier for to you to blend in. Also, it can give you less hassle in the future especially when you opt to expand your house. 


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