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Are you an Internet marketing newbie or a pro who wants to enhance your skills in marketing? Whether you are a pro or a newbie, you need to add some tools in order to help you when it comes to marketing without having to spend hours and hours of work and yet get limited results.

This is where marketing tools come to play. You will enjoy more time with yourself and family. Simply put, a month’s worth of work done manually can now be done within a span of few days only. 

Who does not want to enjoy life and spend less time working? Of course everybody does. I am going to share to you my personal favorite marketing tools that had helped me in making things automated while giving me more time to simply enjoy life.


This is my all time favorite. I can automate the process of sending newsletters, do auto responses and even manage my own email databse.


If you want to build micro niche or simply want hundreds or even thousands of blogs, then this is the best hosted blog software to do the job for you. 


When it comes to promote my subscriptions and automate alerts to RSS and blog directories, Feedburner makes the work much easier. Every time I add one or two new content to my blog, it will be directly be sent out to different directories (RSS and blog).


If I want to remember a site which contains relevant information that I do need, all I have to do is just click the button and then add the website to the folder in my BlinkList folder. Guess what? The service is free.


There are some visitors who would want to hear music or prefer listening to an audio than reading an entire page of content. This is where AudioGenerator comes into play. You can even make audio testimonials and lot of things you can do with this software.

When things are automated, you can save time as well as cost on your part especially when you consider outsourcing certain tasks in order for you to do important tasks than doing routinary ones. It is safe to say that money is definitely well spent especially if you get 2-3 of the above-mentioned tools to help you when it comes to marketing.

Always remember, in order to maximize profits you need to minimize expenses. What great way to minimize costs is to automate tasks and have things done as quickly as possible in order to bring in money right into your bank? 


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