Pool Fence

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With a pool comes many responsibilities and many expenses you may not have originally planned for.  Being prepared for those expenses is a great way to save you from regretting your pool purchase and also keep your pool in working condition or even keep your pool safe.  There are many accessories that go with a swimming pool that many consumers don’t consider accessories.  One such example is a pool fence.  A pool fence is oftentimes a required accessory that should fit into your budget of pool care.

You may worry about having a pool fence because it will be an eyesore or take up too much space in your backyard.  While the latter may be true, the former isn’t necessarily true.  There are now many options for a swimming pool fence that you’ll come to find your pool fence is more of a decoration than an eyesore.

The number one reason pool fences are required in some states is because they are a safety feature.  Drowning kids is a major issue among homes with pools because there isn’t always someone around to keep an eye on the pool.  Having a pool fence with a proper latch or lock is almost guaranteed to save you from the grief of a drowning child.

There are various sizes so you can get a pool fence in.  For example you can get one taller than a man or just tall enough that younger children can’t climb over.  Now, you also have a few options of what you want your pool fence to be made of.  There are metal fences, wood fences, plastic fences and even mesh fences.  There are advantages and disadvantages to having each kind of material, though.

Metal fences—whether chain-link or poles—are the most durable of fences.  They generally aren’t going to erode quickly so they will last you for an extremely long time.  Wooden fences are also durable.  However, because wood naturally erodes a wood fence may have to be replaced sooner than you would like.  Plastic fences are great if you just need a fence that is durable enough to keep kids from getting into the pool area.  Mesh fences also make for a great fence because they can be removed if needed but are still strong enough to withstand kids pressing against the material.

Keeping your home and backyard safe is an important task.  The last thing you want to find out is that someone has drowned in your backyard pool—whether your own child or another child.  A pool fence is a great accessory to ensure your pool is safe.  There are many other methods you can take to ensure your pool is safe like a pool cover or alarm system, but having a pool fence is your first defense and a sturdy defense if all gates are closed and locked properly.  Don’t take a risk just because you aren’t required by law to have pool fence.  If you have a pool get a pool fence. 


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