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The world is full of people who earn a lot of money in crude ways like a con artist, drug dealer, corrupt politicians, dishonest businessmen, and others of the like. One’s success should not be measured simply by wealth alone. You should take the how the person did it. Real proff of success is integrity and character.

Lack of character cannot be compensated by any amount of money. Character is equal to integrity. It means doing things the right way. Doing something without hurting others. It is the only way to live your life without fear and guilt in life. Having nothing to pull you down and hold you back is what real success is. 

It follows the “golden rule” which explains that what you do unto others should be the same as what you do to yourself.  Everyday, there a lot of oppurtunty that you can this practice. Think it over. Getting a promotion by wrong means will never be as rewarding than doing it the right way. When you step over other people it is bound to happen to you as well. Do things the proper way and feel what real achivement is.

Treat people with respect and be truthfull. Are you the kind of person that want people to obbey implicitly? You have to remember that nobody can achieve success with the help of others. It can be success in the sports world, family life, and business word, someone is bound to help you. Other people with character will love what you did and will offer their help when you need it. 

A famous photographer named Yousuf Karsh once said “I have found that great people do have in common an immense belief in themselves and their mission. They also have great determination as well as an ability to work had. At the crucial moment of decision, they draw upon their accumulated wisdom. Above all, they have integrity.” 

Also the great Albert Einstein said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”. It is crucial that you take a detailed look at your attitude and what it means to be successfull.

Character is who you are while success is your achievement. Your achievement might be small or large, but without character and integrity, it a mere shadow of yourself. The key to success is your character and it is something you can bestow to your children. Let your character shine through in everything and know what it means to be successful. 

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