Guidelines Towards an Improved You

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There are already a lot of articles written about self-improvement. You can see tips that you would like to apply in your life and may have disregarded the other things that you have read or have seen in tv shows. Sometimes, you just care about what is happening in your life that even you yourself will find yourself looking for pages to read about these tips since you feel that you are also losing your own self-esteem. This is why i created these tips to help you see and improve yourself still.

1. Know what your purpose is. In this way you will not wander in different directions in life then you will be able to recognize your own compass.

2. Know what your values are all about. You can create a list, may be 5 values in your notes like freedom, learning, security,family, or spiritual growth. If you know your goals, you can check it together with your life values. With your list, it is up to you if you want to revise it.

3. Know what your needs are. Needs that wont be met will affect you by not living a genuine life. You can also make a list and act about these needs.

4. Know what your passions are. Don’t doubt about what you trully want and what you really love doing since this will keep you from getting your goals as the person you really want to be.

5. Know your inner spirituality. Wisdom can give you awareness and will keep you from the distractions in your life. As a piece of advise, you can listen some instrumental music or go to a silent place and breathe.

6. Know your strenghts. You can develop towards a better you if you know what are the good points that you have in you. Ask yourself now. You can list three. If you will have a hard time listing them since you can barely write one. ask someone who knows you most if you havent recognized them yet.

7. Know how to serve other people. If you know your purpose, your values, talents, strenghts, passions, nature, you can then help yourself improve by serving others. You can just give what you have received by sharing your true essence. Doing this is so rewarding most especially when you hear that your deed was greatly appreciated. Self development doesn’t have to be selfish, you can do it by also letting other people know how unique they are.

The truth is, it is still really up to you if you want to make changes for a better life and an improved you. These tips are pointless until you realize the need of doing it. 


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