Best Breeds of Dogs

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One should consider his or her lifestyle in choosing a pet.  There a lot of questions that needs to be answered.

Due to these, making a list of 10 of the best dog breeds can be problematic. 

Priorities varies individually since  dogs differ from one another. We disregarded the needs of owners and made our rankings with general and broad strokes. Then, we took into account the totality of each breed giving most weight to loyalty, intelligence, personality. 

An important factor in our process was breed’s sociability with children. Maybe its something you are not concerned about since there are no children in the house but what would be a better sign of dog’s disposition?

It’s certain that disagreements are going to arise over what breed will be ranked higher but then we all can agree that all of the ten dogs make wonderful pets. 

#1 Collie

Collies are big active dogs that’s said to be the smartest of all breeds.  These loyal and sweet dogs socializes with everybody and loves to be with people. They require plenty of exercise. Collies are sensitive and are easily hurt. So show them what’s wrong and be patient.

#2 Irish settler

Irish Settler’ red fur coat makes them a very unique dog. A large dog that’s kind, intelligent and charismatic. They like being around people. but requires plenty of room and exercise. If trained, they can mix well with other pets.

#3 Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers, another excellent family dog, are eager-to-please and very friendly. Their excitability can be dangerous for young children, but usually gentle and mixes well with other pets. They dont make good guard dogs since they socialize rather than ward off potential danger. 

#4 Labrador Retriever

Labs popularity is rivaled only to Golden Retrievers. Gentle and very family friendly makes them a a popular breed. 

Labradors loves the water, making them good swimmers. They can remain immature during the first 3 years. Be ready to discipline and train your Labrador because an untrained Lab will be a nightmare. 

#5 Poodle

Poodles are generally seen as fashion accessories rather than “man’s best friend”. In reality, poodles are very intelligent, loyal and have an excellent sense of humor. They are perfect with children and does not require a lot of exercise.

#6 Beagle

Beagles are squat but are very sturdy. Their coat comes in different colors, is easily taken cared of. They are fond of children but not to other pets. Beagles howl in solitude, but one can always buy another one for it to bond with.

#7 Bichon Frise

Bichon frise is small but doesn’t act to its size. It likes children while other small dogs dont. Very intelligent, friendly and is always happy.  They require frequent grooming by a specialist.The good thing is its coat is hypoallergenic.

Bichon frise are excellent pets for smalls homes or somebody with a low-key lifestyle.

#8 New Foundland

New foundlands are big strong breed that are also very sweet and loving, and can also be calm and docile. Despite being big, they are very careful in tight places. They require kindness for they are sensitive when trained. It does require frequent grooming but are perfectly for less inactive people. 

#9 Pug

Pugs have lots of character and are stubborn. They are headstrong but charming and loving. They need excellent small homes and seldom needs exercise. Be careful with their weight, they’re prone to overeating.

#10 Boxer 

The Boxer is the most active dog in our list. This dog is extremely loyal but intolerant of other animals. They can be challenging to train, and will remain as a puppy during its 3 years. This breed is best for an experienced dog owner


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