Riding With Our Pets

There was once I thought I saw a car was driven by a dog.  When I looked closely, for sure, it was not the case, although it seems to look that way.  A young woman was driving the car and a dog was sitting on her lap behind the steering wheel.

Being in the police department, the people’s safety and security are our utmost responsibility and duty.  It is our job to stop this kind of behavior because it is just hazardous to one’s life, and other’s as well.  We do understand that most owners do treat their pet animals like people, but when it comes to operating a vehicle it is prone to accidents to just let them roam around freely.  They can distract you and it would just take a second to make a mistake in a running vehicle.

Dogs, or pet animals in general, should be contained in an area that makes sure that there is no access to the driver’s space.  It is crucial that the driver should keep total attention and focus in operating the vehicle for the safety and assurance of his or her life, and all the occupants in the car.  It is recommended to have an enclosure of some kind to avoid pet animals to freely go around inside the car.  Animals should be restrained in the most humane way possible, of course, in the trunk, away from the driver and the controls of one’s vehicle.  We must invest and diligently see to it that we are secured and should maintain safety precautions in traveling and riding with our beloved pets.

Cats are more shy and timid than dogs but should be treated the same way inside a moving vehicle.  Although they could not be as distractive as our canine companions, they are as dangerous as dogs to be let loose inside the car.  Cats are small and could easily go under the steering wheel, and could step on the gas or brake pedal that could definitely be a cause of an accident.  They should be put inside a crate or box that could contain them in the duration of the trip.  That way, safety and security is attained for every life inside the car, including the animals in our travel.  This is also one way of training our beloved pet so they may expect proper behavior and decorum inside the vehicle. 

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