Pets Should Not Be Encaged

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Man began understanding the magnificence of our beloved animals even from the past. With the human mind, he made sure of having these animals domesticated to satisfy his needs. It’s absolutely unkind to have these animals as captives when they can live with freedom. These creatures have their own body mechanisms that would allow them to look for food, satisfy their thirst and create their own species. They can act based on their own instincts and wants.  How many times have people checked to see how eager these animals to get out of their cages by creating leakages towards their cages? Can’t we see the aggravation in them? Or, we may have to ask ourselves, if other creatures would do such cruelty to us, would’nt we feel frustrated? o, why deprive these animals their capacity of living on their own?

The truth is, we must realize that we must extend the idea of fairness and respect to all living species. Aside from being harsh to animals, it makes humans less of a man if we dont give them freedom. Humans tend to have this selfish act of satisfaction being more powerful over other creatures. But, does the act give us advantages?One may answer yes but it actually makes us egoistic , heartless or cruel. It does not sound too good!

In the wilderness, birds can exercise their outmost freedom but when they are kept inside cages, they just stay and are enslaved. It is a given that birds are so relaxing to look at but we can not really see their full beauty when they are inside their cages.To make sure that we get a view of the picturesque, it is advisable to go to their homes.Caging these animals serves our stubborness of taking control over them. Why not set them free if we can not allow them to be on their maximum potentials?

We do not have the authority to encage these beautiful creatures. We all know that  they are weak to outwit us,  the reason why humans do it. If it happens to us, we would surely fight for our rights. Only during those times are humans confined just because the governing body ,good or bad -believes that they’re threats to the body of governance. Where did you get  the right to imprison these birds who knows nothing except to live freely?

Those animals considered to be wild should be given the right to stay in their habitats. Domestic creatures should be offered openess. The logic for sentencing birds and other animals is applied only if they are dangerous to others. However, wild animals and also birds must not be captured. 


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