Hostility Towards Animals And Children

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It was not so long ago that dogs killed for food. Truth be told, some breeds are chosen for their prey stalking and maim, tendency to chase, and kill. Notably, the most common breeds are the Dachshunds, Terriers, Sighthunds, and many others. No wonder pet dogs are able to change from a domesticated animal into a hunting animal without any training.  

Dogs are often unintentionally trained to kill. As an example, most dog owners encourage their pets to chase cats, stray dogs, squirrels, and other animals. But when the dogs bring their kill, owners are horrified. Most cases involve cats, dogs or other animals to become killers. Animals like these sit on rooftops, sit of fences, in trees, enticing others from a safe place.

Once provoked, dogs are so frustrated to attack when the oppurtunity arise. Dogs that kill others are commonly by of excitable types,  and aggressively dominant towards smaller dogs or other animals.  Pets that hunt other animals like dogs, cats, and others are usually happen in urban areas. But when a dogs create a pack, they usually attack bigger animals and sometimes people. Dogs that have attacked people, either on their own or as a pack, choose children as prey. Child killings like ones done by lone dogs usually happen inside a dog territory and in most cases involve a child screaming, startling it enough to attack. 

Some dogs appear to be enthused in the most primal manner by screaming of any animals, and they usually react by killing that animal. Wild dogs have hunted members of their pack that call out for help after being injured or trapped. Dogs that kill should not be cofused for those who fight. Most fights end with serious injury to the combantants. Episodes like these rarely result in a loss of life. Predatory animals are usually aim to kill deliberately, with bites aimed at vital parts like the neck or the shoulder. Once the other animal is on its backside, flesh of the belly or neck is attacked. Predatory killings usually includes a very violent trembling of the prey when it is injured. Domestic dogs rarely eat its kill, but some that prey on chicken, birds, and other fowls do so. Cases where a domestic animal eat chicken or other fowls are common and should not be mistaken a predatory attack since they are considered as food. 


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