Animals Aromatheraphy

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There has been an increasing trend of popularity towards natural conciousness for animals health same as humans. A lot of veterenarians are setting up natural therapies in their field such as flower essences, homeopathy,osteopathy and the most recent one, aromatheraphy. Aromatherapists and veterenarians have started knowing how most animals can take advantage from this natural theraphy.

Essential oils are great antiseptic. It detoxifies and revitalizes leading the animals and humans to increase their resistance to illnesses and diseases. These oils can control the odors of your pets. Essential oils purifies air from allergens and dust. You can mix 50 lemon essential oil drops inside a two ounce spray container with H2O. Just shake it well then you can spray your room. It will immediately cleanse your air in the room.

Aromatheraphy does not only offer fragrance. This theraphy has promising, long-lasting and immediate actions to animals specially to cats, horses and dogs physical and emotional health as a whole. Here are some tips for your pets. Most of them likes playing and running outdoors and they just look for food based on their system needs like raw carrots, blackberries and more. Now, this animal has been domesticated losing their instinct about their lives in the wilderness before and is more prone to sickness. Dogs have common physical ailments in their lives. Most breeds enjoy the outdoors and choose specific plants need by their system, like blackberries, and etc. Being domesticated, they lost this instinct, and are has less resistance to illness. I will be sharing aromatherapy blends for your pets that will remove and prevent ticks and flees, heal skin problems, relieve pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, control pet odor, revive energy.

Relieving Skin Problems

1. Pour 5 drops of lavender, 6 of Geranium into a 10 millilitre bottle 

2. Fill up same bottle with Calendula oil. 

3. Apply to affected area.

Relieving Itch

1. Pour 5 drops of lavender, 6 of Geranium and 3 of Chamomile into 10 millilitre bottle

2. Fill up bottle with Calendula oil.

3. Apply to affected area

Combating fleas

1. Blend  22.5 millilitre rubbing oil and 7.5 millilitre mint oil into a 1 ounce bottle.

2. Spray affected areas while holding the bottle 10 inches away. The mint will drive away fleas.

3. Spray your dog’s bed. Avoid spraying the head area.

Combating ticks

1. Check on your dog’s bed and burn any ticks found.

2. Add 10 drops of lavender and tea tree into a 10 millilitre bottle.

3. Add organic vegetable oil until full.

4. Before extracting the ticks, apply 1 drop of tea tree and lavender to inflamed area as to disinfect.

Easing Rheumatism

1. Add 8 drops of Juniper and Birch, and 7 of Rosemary into a 10 millilitre bottle

2. Add organic vegetable oil untill full

3. Massage your dog with the mixture in the morning and evening.

Easing Arthritis

It is recommended by veterinarians that your dog must have a soft and warm bed. Also moist heat applied over the affected area will help.

1.  Add 12 drops of Birch,  7 of Rosemary, and 8 of Juniper into a 10 millilitre bottle

2. Add organic vegetable oil until full.

3. Apply blend and massage your dog once during the morning only.

Controlling Pet Odor

1. Add 10 drops of Lavender and Geranium, and 6 drops  of Lemon into a 1 ounce bottle

2. Fill bottle with water and shake before use.

3. Spray 10 inches away and avoid the head area. 


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