Story Of The Chinese Zodiac

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Hundreds of years ago, Tian Di or the “God Above”, sought to handle all the animals on earth. He took 12 chairs and commanded the cat to call 11 different animals go to the sky palace.  The cat first approached the ox, then the rat overhead the news. The rat was angry and ran to the palace and was the first one to arive, even before the ox. The “God Above” gave the first chair to the rat, and the second for ox. The tiger took the third, and the rabbbit took the fourth seat. Then the other seven animals settled to their respective seats. The cat was not included in the cycle since he was telling other animals. Since then, the cat has never been part of the zodiac cycle.  Truth is, cats did not originate from China but from other countries.  Each country have different animals. Lions are for India and Cats are for Egypt. The chinese zodiac consist of different characteristics of each animal. 

The Rat – has a natural instinct to steal but is very smart.

The OX – Hardworking and ask very little.

The Tiger – Very stong and brave. The ruler of all animals.

Rabbit – Charming and dear to children but can run very fast. 

Dragon – It is the only mythical animal on the list. Kings are the only one called as dragons. For a very long time, people have imagined dragons having a deer horn, a snake body with fish scales, feet of a chicken, and a tail of a phoenix. And it is believed that all of the Chinese people are the children of a dragon.

Snake – It has been known to be the little dragon. Snakes are generally known as devilish due to its poisonous nature, but they are very useful, especially its gall bladder, considered as a healthy medicine in China.

Horse – Considered to be the only transportation means right before vehicles were invented and is the fastest of all the animals.

Ram-This animal portrays submissiveness and symbolizes luck.

Monkey- Described as smart species.

Cock- Very caring towards their offsprings.

Dog- Very much respected in wesern places but are considered rude in China.

Pig- Believed to be slow but clever and is the very last animal in the cycle.

It is thought that humans would get their character from different animal years and would also affect their lives. This is the reason why people have high regards towards the year of the dragon since they want their kids to become respectful like dragons are. 


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