Micromachining Laser Technology Helps Industries

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Macromachining technology offers industrial based applications such as laser marking, laser drilling and coating removal as well. During the coating removal process, the beam’s laser makes it possible to remove various deposit layers from a different material. In this method,the top layer is removed without affecting the material structure at base and its quality as well. The utilization of this laser technology gives us a more economic friendly results and just leaves little quantity of debris.

Coating Removal Applications

Using the methods of micromachining, one can design different electrode patterns in the coating of the metal. Polymers and glass can even be etched from the coatings and cleanses the electrodes by the process of the removal od the dielectric substance on top. The utilization of this technology can really be seen in the industry of automobile like the cars windshields coating engraved on top of it. This is also evident in the industry of electronics through the coating removal of polymer matter.

Application for Laser Drilling 

The michromachining technology is also used and  popular for drilling small surfaces holes or some machineries delicate parts. This laser drilling technology is also evident in medical apparatusses and electronic devices. You can also see them in computers and hardware devices plus in avionics. The reason behind the use of laser drilling is that these tools requires accurate drilling process due to their small dimension and complexities. You dont want to cut these gadgets mechanically or use chemical etching or EDM if you really want to see perfect results!

Only laser beams can make contact with the bases materials with its process giving amazing results. This process has been so flexible that is why it became a very important complement of smaller sized products. You can see the results of this technology in orifices for oxygen regulators, irrigation needles, fruel injectors and some other medical equipments. The lasers ability to be programmed has provided perfect products and its precise system until the micron level has given various industries to make equipments that were not possible before.

This laser technology has given a lot of advantages towards industries. With its micromachining technique, it is very helpful in a way that the equipments used are so economical and is just cost effective. This paved the way to the multiple applications to a lot of technological advancements and different industries in the world today. 


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