Dell Laptops Brand

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Dell is situated in Texas and was founded in the year 1984. Dell was recognized as the best computer brand at its early years. The company sells laptops, desktop computers, data storages devices, projectors, network switches, computer peripherals, and servers. It also sells High definition Televisions, Mp3 players, printers and many others.

Dell is widely for laptops. It line-up include the Studio laptops, Inspiron mini, Inspiron Laptops, and the recently acquired Alienware Laptops. Each of these series has been sold throughout the world and has received numerous awads. Among the best selling laptops in the Inspiron series are the Inspiron 13z, Inspiron 11z, and the Inspiron 14z. In the Studio series, the favorites are the XPS 13, XPS 16, Studio 15, and the New Studio 17. While on the Alienware series, the high acclaimed are the Alienware M17x and the Alienware 15x.

Dell was ranked as the 25th biggest company by Fortune magazine in the 2006 Fortune 500 list. In the same year Dell was included in list made by S&P or Standard and Poor confirming that it was one of the 38 high performing companies in the world. The study also said that Dell has ruled the market for more 15 years.

India’s online shopping has beniffited over usual store methodology. Being more accessible, it has amassed a huge number of customers in just a few years. The number of online shoppers in India is still increasing steadily.

Called the “Browse deal” option, it is best characteristic that makes online shopping better than the traditional store. With the “Browse Deal” a customer can easily check all the products in the list according to its features. An example is, a customer wants a laptop that has bluetoooth capability and a webcam, all the laptops with these feature will be on the list. The system will automatically remove the ones that does not meet the requirement and in return has helped the customer. 

Shopping online can have the same fun as to shopping in a tradional store but without the hassle. The “Q&A” is a feature that is available online but not in traditional stores. It lets the customer communicate with the others. In this method customers can learn about the other deals that might be better suited for the customer. This section is what makes online shopping better than the traditional store system in India. 


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