Media Packaging Technology

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If you are having difficulty in choosing the most trendy and hottest materials for your DVDs and CDs, you should be thankful that the media packaging technology is available waiting for you to discover them. With this, you can have a options based on the materials and designs that you want as well.

In choosing your packaging material, you might want to consider those durable ones and alkso check for usability. The following are materials that are used as Media Packaging.

1.Jewel Cases- Since early 1980’s, these are popularly used materials for packaging cd’s or dvd’s. Reason behind this is that is it’s affordable. Even if it is inexpensive, its easy to use lock system already protects your discs from scratches or from being destroyed.

2.Slimline Cases-  These case are thinner and more affordable compared to jewel cases and would save you much more space that you wanted.

3.Multi-Disc Cases- Made from glass and plastic, these cases are able to enclose two up to six dvds or cds. So, if you are into collectingdiscs,you can have these types of cases. The downsides of this type is that, one, it is more expensive than the other first two case types because it smply offers more space and second it is only the front or/and back cover that you can use.

4.Clam Shell Cases- These cases are comparable to slimline cases since they save space and are also durable. This type comes in different colors and are made of plastic making them not so transparent to really make use of the holographic and some visual designs for the covers at the front and back.

5. Paper Sleeve Cases- If you are the type of person who really loves trees, this is the ones for you. Tthey are the ultimate inexpensive packaging material plus you can alway recyle them as long as you wan. But, this type wont prevent your discs from being destroyed as much as the other cases and are not waterproof.

Right after choosing the best and most appropriate packaging material for your DVDs and Cds, you can then consider checking for you designs. Having this next step in mind, you can look for designs based on graphic, text or both.You can get what color you wanted for your graphics or have visual effects or holograms or apply those 3D kinds. 


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