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A lot of individuals have been asking what does digital photography really means. Also, they are somehow confused if it is really just an art or science. With this reality, some arguments were created about these two. Here are the following points of view:

1. Art- Many of us believe that digital photograhy is an art since it gives people a way to express their feelings and emotions. It is thought to be a continuation of painting and drawing. As an art of expression, it is where individuals take pictures in reality and then modify it using variety of digital tools present today. Most of us see digital photography in this way due to the belief that it takes an artist’s eyes to discover the beauty in each picture and are able to emotionally express the visual matters real beauty.

This point of view was also supported by its enthusiast by stating arts ability to emotionally communicate messages using aesthetics. 

The artistic nature of digital photography supporters greatest argument is the actuality that pictures are not often seen with ones naked eye. An artist can truly express by changing the picture to show his or her true emotions.

2. Science- Other groups of individuals agrees that idigital photography is really a science in nature. One if the arguments stated is that this is considered as science since it really comes from an existing reality rather than from an artists mind of feelings. This arguments is really convincing since a photographer just takes pictures, not really making them.

Another argument about the characteristics of digital photography is the thinking that changes and the adjustments that a photographer does are coming from a systematic nature. The series of steps taken scientifically are proven to have science in digital photography.

So, what is really the truth about digital photography? After reading these points of views, were you able to figure out its true nature?

A paradox as we may call it, digital photography can really be an art and contradictory, also a science. The truth is its real nature comes from the ones taking the picture. It is the persons thinking that would really define digital photography considered as an absolute art or as an absolute science.This may be the reason why a lot of people are still asking its true nature. Still, this is where art unites with technology. 


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