Basic Technology of Data Shredding

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Businesses need to protect and destroy confidential data. It does not just end by shredding the paperworkbut also includes erasing data from a computer drive. With the advancement of technology, a lot of data can be stored in small area. And often that data can be recovered by standard methods.

For computers, shredding is the same as wiping. When data is erased from a computer, it means it can no longer be recovered by any means. Data wiping can be done by using a special software that replaces the data otherwise called as “secure delete”. Most operating systems, when a file is deleted, it will no longer show in the computer but that information is still somewhere inside a computer waiting to be replaced. There are cases in which a part of that data has been replaced but traces will still be left. This makes it easy to recovery when the data has been recently deleted. 

In the Unix operating system, there is a feature that can delete data found in a Windows based computer. It works by deleting the data and it will disperse ramdom binary codes that would make recovery very difficult. 

A progamed called PGP can secure the file before it is saved. Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is an security encryption application for cryptographic privacy and verification. It works by asking a password and is close to be considered to be miltary level security. With flash memory like the ones in flash disks and memory, data can be recovered as there is still no way to wipe data. The best way to is to destroy the flash memory. One can easily steal or smuggle information using these things. Flash memory devices are very small and can be easilty get lost. In this casem being smaller can actually be a disadvantage for it is easy to loose, harder to wipe off data, and easily stolen. 

Just deleting data can be ineffective. Many operating systems will simply move the file until it will be replaced. A method that can actuallly help replace the file is Defragmentation. It can render data to be partially erased but it considered to be ineffective because it will take hours to do this. One must use an encryption software like PGP to secure data. It either one you some kind of encryption software, defragment your hard drive. or the good old fashion way of burning the disk. 


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