What Does Men Really Like In Women

 It is said that blondes have more fun, ok that may be true in some situations, depending on what it is. While really brunettes are the ones who come first, statistics show. It really doesn’t matter what the hair color is of a woman, that is not what many men are looking for. For curly or straight hair, the men usually choose the curly hair women. Blue eyes definitely win out over the eye color. What really attracts many men is the personality, but with certain men the females body definitely has to match her personality, this is a trait men will look for first.

It sometimes is the same for women. I think more women can adapt to a man not being exactly what they were looking for better than a man adapting to a woman not being what he expected. The biggest turn off with men is a woman who wears too much makeup, and can drink more than he, and have too many habits that he may feel he will have to adjust to or support. There is a difference. Women are turned off to men who are dependant, have bad personal hygiene, and whine about everything under the sun, and vice-versa. No one want someone who is not self sufficient, because then if those two are going to be together, the other will always wonder what the future is going to hold for them.

Never knowing what you next step in life is going to be. Then that partner may grow to resent the other, and the next step is to break up. Unless anything changes for the better. If you do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, then it has burned completely out, and it is time to say goodbye. Unless you have built a family together. That may be your last option, but do not use the child  or kids to hold your relationship together, work on your relationship as well as trying to keep your family together. Because this is what it can lead to if he does find the right one.

You both need personal growth, but during that time it doesn’t mean personally go grow in someone else’s arms. Because we all need our time away from each other. That is where many relationships start to decline because of lack of self control. This is concerning both male and female. You simply grow apart from one another. So simply put, these are some of the characteristics  some men are attracted to, yes there are still some good ones out there. This is just one scenario of what can happen after the attraction is over and your lives has progressed with each other.

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