Forensic Nursing Journals Ultimate Guidebook For Practitioners

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Forensic nursing is an endlessly evolving and growing branch of nursing and health care. It may be considered a branch of the judicial system also since it takes on evidence collection, which is vital to particular criminal cases. Affiliations that aid forensic nurses such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) help encourage the practice and serve their members via the publication of forensic nursing journals.

There’s one official journal of the IAFN, also known as Forensic Nursing. This is published on a quarterly basis and is circulated among the members of the association.

The primary goal of this journal is to assist in the advancement of the science of forensic nursing through sharing data about so several cases related to forensics that have been covered by seasoned forensic professionals. This journal have manuscripts that serve as an ample source of knowledge for novices or even those who have already commenced their careers.

These manuscripts are presented by the members and extensively reexamined by the board prior to getting published. This is to make certain that the information will indeed benefit the members who would read them and refer to them as needed. The prerequisite for a manuscript to make it to publication is for it to be original and has never been released yet.

There are particular guidelines to follow as well for those who want to have their work included in the journal. All the particulars like the photographs, tables, and references should strictly follow the standards set by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Forensic nursing, which has made momentum in 1992, is the practice of employing nursing science to legal proceedings. Forensic nurses give health care services straight to patients who are victims of violent crimes. They also attend to people in addressing trauma and in handling death, or abuse of any kind.

IAFN and their plans

Since IAFN is an global organization, members to this association are dispersed around the world. The organization does not only include forensic nurses as members, but also other pros who give support and complement the work of the forensic nurses.

The organization has initiated the journals to achieve its goal of propagating information about the science and its increasing number of practitioners. As the leader in the maturation of forensic nursing, the IAFN applies the following goals close to their principles:

* Try to avoid violence as much as possible by aiding solve crimes quicker

* Create advances on the current standards in terms of evidence gathering and forensic nursing practice per se

* Encourage sharing of information inside the professional circle to help one another to grown in the practice

* Demonstrate ethics in the practice of forensic nursing

* Develop the up and coming forensic nurses


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