Which Websites Make You Money?

So you want to make a lot of money?  You want ot make it with Google Adsense and you want to do that right away?  A lot of people do and they will go to hundreds of site trying to do that very thing.

The problem that they do not want to admit is that they need some sort of plan.  They need to have a way to make a lot of money faster with AdSense and other affiliate programs all the while, still working towards quality content that people actually need to read.

So which online writing sites can make you money?  Here are a list of five places that can do that for you and why:

1) Squidoo: This is a writing site where you will need a lot of focus.  You will also need to know about html since you will need to use it.  If your page is found to be of low quality, people will report it, and you will not make money unless your lenses have a lensrank of 80,000 or more.  This is a good site if you have a lot of time to write and to keep getting traffic there.

2) Bukisa:  This is a simple site, and yes it runs on a revenue sharing which is with either chikita or Google AdSense.  The minimum number of words is 250.  But to make money, and to do so on a regular basis, you will need a few articles of about 400 words.  Social networking is a must with this site.  Still, an article on a regular basis means that you will make money, and your earnings will increase.

3) Wikinut:  While you are paid by impressions, this is not a site for the faint of heart.  You will need to be very active, and havea  bit of luck, as the traffic which you will get is dependant upon getting a number of star pages, and interlinking your work.  The more links you have the more likely you will have longterm traffic.  Again you are also paid by royalties, so it is important to understand that not only do you need traffic you need people clicking on your ads.

4) Hubpages: while many have said this is not a great site due to the changes with Google, the search engine, many people are still making money.  The rules have become stricter, so be aware that you can only have orginal content, a proper images (no pixalated ro watermarked) and you can’t use clickbank links with them.  teh key is that you need traffic, the more traffic you get the more likely you will make money.  If you are there and are still getting traffic and you have an AdSense account you can make a bit of money through their Hubpages Ads program.  You will also need to have paypal with them.

Again you will need to offer quality content no matter what to make money with any of these websites, and you will also need to spend some time each week on them. Spend time, and learn that they can make you money, but therea re other site out there.

These are four websites which I would recommend and would say that with time and effort these would be teh four that you can plan to make some money with.

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