Prekindergarten School in Tamarac – Kids Activities Offered

“Interview with Owners of Providence Children’s Academy about the Most Frequently Asked Questions Parents Ask When Choosing a Preschool For their Child”

Why is it important for a child to play outside and what are your recommendations about that?
Physical exercise and fresh air are important for your child’s health. We take children outdoors everyday so they can run, jump, swing, climb and use all their large muscles in their bodies. Playing outdoors your child can learn to appreciate changes in nature, discover how water puddles after a rain and disappears when the sun comes out. To follow shadows around and to use his or her body in skillful ways. Outdoor play isn’t just about play it’s about socializing, I only have six bikes that’s what required by DCF so the children learn to share they also learn gross motor skills they can play hopscotch out there they can run we can do…jump rope out there the kids are getting their gross motor skills better required. It’ usually about 45 minutes to an hour in the morning and 45 minutes to an hour in the afternoon depending on the weather. On Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings we partnership up with the YMCA they come round and bring all their tumbling equipment. The children learn how to do somersaults and all kinds of gymnastics stuff through the YMCA. Each class gets a 45 class and Providence Children’s Academy does pay for that.
How do you handle when a child gets sick?
If your child gets sick by law I have to give the parents a call. If the child has a temperature over 101 or specially if they are vomiting I call the parents and have them pick up the child and we take the child out of the room and we isolate them until the parents or whoever is authorized to pick up that child removes them from the school. And if they do when they come back they normally would need a doctor’s note saying they are germ free so other children do not get infected with this virus or whatever might be going with that child.

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