Living In The Philippines

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Living in the Philippines

Just My Opinion

Publish Date: 04/25/2011

WelI here it goes. This is only my second article, so bear with me as I learn how to write.
I am an American and I have been living in the Philippines for about four months now.

I have seen and had what I consider many, very funny day to day experiences. From my first day arriving at the airport, I have been observing and writing down my thoughts. I want to start by sharing with you one of my observations. Why I even thought of this, well…I don’t know.

For instance…the men here do not grow very much facial hair, but if they even have one single strand of hair growing on their face, they nurture it and grow it to it’s fullest. I have seen young men with one single hair growing from their chin that is four or five inches long. They must put moose on it because there is no way it could be that straight on it’s own. And they all grow sideburns to whatever extent they can.

Then there is the other extreme. I had a young man who lives downstairs come up and ask me for a razor…for what I asked, and he said to shave. I said shave what…he wanted to shave that one or two whiskers growing from his chin. Geez…just pull them out I said. But he was very adamant and wanted to shave it of, so I gave him a razor.
He then went to the mirror and carefully shaved them off. After investigating in the mirror that he got all off, looking from every angle he said…Can I borrow some after shave lotion.

In my following articles I want to share with you the funny, the sad, and the serious experiences and observations that I encounter.

But don’t get me wrong…the Filipino people are a very loving and respectful. I have never had so many people call me sir and open doors for me. I say this because even though I am from a different country, they respect their elders and cater to them whenever possible. We could certainly learn some of their manners in the United States.

Please post any comments…yes, good or bad. I would love to get your feedback.


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