Getting Down With Friday: Support For Rebecca Black

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The tones corresponding to “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,” rang in my ears. I was floored. This occurred on the radio station that a few weeks earlier had claimed to despise the Friday song and refused to let it hit their airwaves. Then I thought about it…a few days before the traffic music incident, the radio DJ put on a few bars of Friday, and he and his morning show crew sang along and had a blast singing to the catchy melody of Rebecca Black‘s YouTube hit.

Here’s the thing – so many people claim to hate the song Friday, which to be fair, is a piece of mass produced, and highly auto-tuned, music from Ark Music Factory. To be featured by Ark Music Factory, one’s parents must shell out $2,000, and in return, their child will be awarded with two original songs, complete with YouTube videos, musicians and a rapper to sing the song’s interlude. Anyway, people make a big deal about hating the Rebecca Black song, but they continue to listen to it and make it more and more famous.

I originally was one of the haters…the lyrics to Friday were a bit ridiculous at points…and the animated part of the video is pretty atrocious. I still can’t forgive ‘we so excited,’ as Rebecca Black is a well spoken 13 year old, and I highly doubt that in real life she’d skip the word “we’re” in favor of “we.” But anyway, aside from the obvious atrocities and Rebecca’s crazy emphasis on the D sound in Friday in some parts of the song, Friday is a catchy song. It gets stuck in your head. It’s easy to sing along to. And you know what? Rebecca Black can sing!

You have to give Rebecca Black credit. She owns what she did with Friday. And, she got lucky that it went viral. All celebrities get flack for some of the things they do, and Rebecca’s no different. What’s notable with her is that she’s keeping her head held high. She’s already told the world that she’s going to donate some of the profits from her YouTube video and iTunes earnings to the tragedy in Japan. And, she’s made light of her viral video success on Funny or Die. She owns what she did and she’s going to have major success because of it. And that’s a lot to handle for a young teenager.

I heard that when Miley Cyrus was told that Rebecca Black was going on tour, she scoffed and said that it takes more than a YouTube song to go on tour. I can’t verify that this is actually true, but I don’t think Miley has the right to talk. I mean, she got famous because of her dad and the Disney machine, hardly because of her own merit.

I think many, many people would agree that Friday is a catchy song. As noted above, song lyrics are a bit silly (gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal) but the song gets stuck in your head. And, it’s notable enough that Joel McHale featured it on The Soup. Plus, Friday and its parodies have been featured many times on Perez Hilton‘s website.

That’s another thing – the song is good enough to inspire lots of parodies. Songs that are parodied have a special characteristic – they’re good enough and catchy enough to mock…and as we know, making a parody of Friday is a form of flattery towards the pop song. Some of the parodies are fantastic. Good Friday is an awesome one – it’s funny but factually accurate. Gang Fight is another one, and that parody has over two million views of its own to date! There’s also an awful one, but it’s awful because it takes a song that’s fun and makes it kind of serious…and it says “God is my friend”, “Worshipping, worshipping, yeah!” and “Church can be fun” so…yeah. (The girl that sings it, Sadie B., can sing and I have nothing against her, but I just feel like Friday was a fun song and this song, well, isn’t.)

Here’s the deal: Rebecca Black can sing. She got a song from Ark Music Factory that was bad enough to be good. She rocked it. She enjoyed singing it. And she’s doing good things with her fame. Can you really say we’d all be so good about the fame, profits, and handling the criticism gracefully? She’s appeared all over TV and has taken everything in stride, and she’s shown a grace that many adults can’t muster. The girl has star quality, or she will after some formal vocal training and a couple of years. She’s an inspiration, and the source of envy, for many. Don’t like the song? So what? Rebecca Black can sing, and we shouldn’t make her hate the industry before she’s old enough to get her driver’s permit.


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