Manhattan Island & My New York City

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It has been My Home for the past 47 Years.  It is so Big, Wonderful, Crazy, Exciting, Busy and so many other Things. But never Bad of course but Very Expensive. It was built in the 100 years plus by Blood, Sweat, Muscle’s and Tears by Immigrants from Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Put together a Super City for such Small Wages. Many have Lost Their Lives & Building Rose High into the Sky. Each Time in am in Manhattan I See Miles & Miles of Buildings of Brick, Concrete, Steel & Glass. It has Shops, Schools, Colleges, Eateries, Theaters, Subways, Offices, Homes, Trees and Lots of Dogs & Cats. It has a Large Waterfront Including Many Piers as Hundreds of Ships Carry Cargo & People to & from Places Daily. The Titanic was Supposed to Dock at Chelsea Piers @ 23rd Street in 1912. If it Didn’t Hit an Iceberg & Sink. It has Two Main Rivers the Hudson River & the East River.

It has Downtown, Midtown also an Uptown & a Lower East side that Extends to a Upper East side. A West side about the Same. The East side Starts at 1st Avenue. Their is 2ND Avenue & 3rd Avenue. Also Their is Lexington Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue & 5TH Avenue. The West side starts at 6Th Avenue. It also has 7Th Avenue, 8TH Avenue and 9TH Avenue. Then Continues with 10Th Avenue, 11Th Avenue as well 12Th Avenue. Their is the Hudson River & the Famous Jacob Javits Center. Where they have the Automobile & Boat Show. You have Broadway Which Runs from Lower Manhattan (Chinatown) & Runs Uptown (Harlem). Which has the Famous Apollo Theater. 

Broadway is known for its many Lights & Famous Places in the Entertainment Field. Plus many Famous Theaters, Studios & Buildings. Like the Allied Chemical Building Located in Times Square where the Famous Ball is Lowered Every New Years Eve. Runs along Broadway. It has Central Park which starts around West 57Th Street that  Extends East on it’s Width. It Runs Uptown for a at least 30 Blocks & it has a Water Reservoir, Belvedere Castle & Strawberry Fields. Even a A Zoo & A Rollerblade Path.  It’s Own Police Station, The Great Lawn for Concerts, Trees, Grass, Flowers  & Many Other Things.  I may have not Mentioned. It has 300 Miles of Track that Run into the 4 Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn. It has a Staten Island but No M.T.A. Trains go their yet.

There is Roosevelt Island that has a Tram to Connect the Island to Manhattan. It has Randall’s & Governors Islands as well. Lower New York City has the 5 Boroughs plus an Area known as Long Island which is East of New York City. Long Island has Two Counties of Nassau & Suffolk. The Major Subway Stops on the West side are. Canal Street (Chinatown), West 4th Street (Greenwich Village) 34TH Street (Penn Station) 42ND Street (Times Square & Grand Central Terminal). Also 47TH to 50TH Street (Rockefeller Center) & West 72ND Street (Columbus Circle).

Not All Trains make Every Stop On the West side. The East side is 53rd Street (Lexington Avenue) 53rd Street (5TH Avenue) Park Avenue, 2ND Avenue. Plus are a few Other East side Stops as Trains will Travel East to West or Stay on the East side. NYC has over 9 Million People Including Cars, Buses, Trucks, Taxi’s &  The M.T.A.  Long Island Railroad, Metro-North , New Jersey Transit, Am track going & Coming into Manhattan every Day & Night. Yes it is Busy, Noisy, Crowded & Very Big But It is my Home Town. I Love New York.


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