Mlm Success: Strategy: Fire Your Boss!

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MLM Success Strategy: Is it possible to generate 200 or more exclusive leads in your city every two weeks? Answer: Absolutely!
Not only is it possible to generate 200 fresh leads in your city every two weeks I’m actually can I share with you how to do it on autopilot.

Buying leads for the most part is a complete waste of money. Lead vendors would have you believe that they have people itching to join your business and all you have to do is give them a call. While there are exceptions I have found that you’re better off buying lotto tickets.

For people who want to build a business in their local community you can use the classic “create a list of 100 people you know”; however, you can really put your recruiting efforts on steroids using what I call the fire your boss campaign.

We all know people that don’t like their current job but imagine how it would feel to have a list of 200 people’s names or more that have shared in detail why they would like to fire their boss. You pick up your list that has their name, their phone number, their e-mail address and a short paragraph telling you why they would be open to looking at your business opportunity.

So how does it work you ask? – Simple!

MLM Success Strategy: Fire Your Boss
1. Locate an office building with a diner in it.
2. Ask the owner if he would be open to running a promotion with the winner receiving a paid luncheon for two in his restaurant. [Given you are paying for a dinner for two in his restaurant, this should be a very easy sell.]
3. Cutaway stationery store and have them print up a large poster with the fire your boss promotion on it.
4. Create an entry form and have your Printer make up a good supply for the participants to use. The form should include the following: name, phone, e-mail and reason they would like to fire their boss.
5. Use an attractive canister for the entry forms to be put into.
6. The sign you created needs to be in a conspicuous location so that the patrons of the restaurant see the offer and complete an entry form.
7. Once you have everything in place, begin the promotion and track the amount of participation. When you have 50 to 100 participants or more-personal preference contact the winners with the good news.
8. Use the 54 second business presentation with them.
9. Contact the folks that did not win and let them know that you’re going to put their name in the draw a second time and at this time give them the 54 second presentation.

Note: If there is adequate value to the restaurant owner for allowing the contest, he will have no objection in running it. Similarly if there is adequate value in the promotion to the customers of his restaurant, you are going to get a lot of participation – which means a lot of leads that you can approach with your business opportunity.

Having enough leads to build your business is going to make the difference between your success and your failure. Without exception the people who have the most conversations with prospects are the ones that earn the most Moola.

Don’t limit yourself to one MLM success strategy when it comes to lead generation.
It has been said that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish you have given him the ability to feed himself for a lifetime.


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