Curvy And Plus-Size Women’s Beauty

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       Artists defined and presented the beauty in their artwork according to their times. In public, many artists presented their vision of ideal beauty, and from their creations, we can see their concept come to life. However, beauty has been defined through the centuries on volatile attributes, sensitive to the passage of time and changing attitudes.

      The beauty of full-figured Rubenesque women has a set of attributes that are in high contrasting with many current perceptions about beauty. Beauty seems to be a subjective and changing. Therefore, identifying the attributes of feminine beauty was and will be an intense interest of human society. 

       In a large sense, women’s beauty derives from the broad variety of feminine forms and of their peculiarities. It is impossible to find two identical women with the same body. Beauty can take varied forms. Moreover, if we consider the variety of races, we will come to understand how complex and divers the manifestation of beauty is.

       Each race could suggest an ideal model of beauty based on specific traits to that race. Some might even propose several such models as ideal. It is about the shape of the eyes, nose, lips, cheek, skin, hair, body stature, and other specific features that female beauty and variety will manifest in all itself splendor. Nevertheless, the differences between these beauty ideals add to the subjectivity of defining one beauty ideal, as they have obvious differences between them. 

       The problem in defining a beauty ideal is that it is hard to find non-subjective criteria for evaluating beauty. A measurement instrument used for detecting the beauty of one race may be at the expense of others. Who will advise such a tool—this subjective manifestation of human society in its quest to find beautiful women?

       Beauty is universal. We can admire it in every woman. It has existed and will exist all around us, even if we are able to identify only the beauty suggested by others. Each mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or daughter is suspected at one time to be the most beautiful woman in her universe. Thus, every woman gets to mirror her beauty in the eyes of someone like her son, brother, husband, boyfriend, or father.

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