Wwe Smackdown 29/04/2011Review

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Orton start by introducing himself, saying he looks forward to the challenges ahead of him and to sort out some unfinished business at Extreme Rules again CM Punk. Then out comes Drew McIntyre who makes a good point as the crowd boo him, by saying “Oh I’m sorry did I buy a ticket to see all of you?” Before saying it will be sad how WWE universe will not get to see Orton vs. Drew McIntyre as Drew is moving up and onwards on Raw. Then what could have been a great moment for Drew turns into a bad moment. After saying he only came out to say hello and then goodbye, he sets Orton up for a Future Shock DDT only to get it turned into an RKO! Then out comes a new member of the Smackdown roster…Alex Riley. Before he get the chance to say anything to Orton he gets RKO’d. Finally out comes Del Rio, Brodus Clay, Rodriguez. Del Rio says he feels bad for everyone as they are losing him from Smackdown as well as losing the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. As the three surround Orton, Christian comes and joins Ortons side…This brings out Theodore Long who announces a tag team main event…Del Rio and Brodus Clay vs. Christian and Orton! hmmm…I wonder who is going to win…Duh!

Next, we see Kofi coming out for a match but as he makes his way down the ramp Sheamus attacks him making a first impression on is first time on the Smackdown roster. I think now he is on Smackdown he could make a good main eventer if he has more moments like this.

Cole is next in the ring to call out his trainer, his friend, his tag partner at Extreme Rules and the man who is going to sit back and watch him single handily take apart Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross…Jack Swagger. After a victory lap out comes Sin Cara.

Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara
The blue and yellow lighting for this match was awesome, but I think it was just for a good welcome for Sin Cara. This match I thought did good for both wrestlers. It showed Sin Cara’s skill in the ring as well as making Swagger look dominating. People said the communication between these two was not as good as it could have been, but I did not seen the faults in this match. After Cole notices Swagger struggles in getting the match done, he hands Swagger a weapon, but he does not get to use it, as Cara runs up behind him and rolls him up for a pin and for the win.
After the match, Swagger runs up to Cara only for the rope to be pulled down and for him to go falling to the outside. As he gets up Cara does his flip dive from the top ropes. Then you see Cole at Swagger side having a god at him.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. The Big Show and Kane
After disagreeing as they make their way to the ring, Justin and Heath actually take their frustration on Big Show, before Big Show tug in Kane and then things changed. Kane dominated the rest of the match and after failing a double chokeslam, Kane ducks a double team and Big Show and Kane chokeslam both Justin and Heath for the win!
Where was Wade and Zeke?

Backstage you see Khali saying best of luck on Raw to Rey and they see someone I am guessing will be the next Smackdown wrester.

Rey Mysterio before his match says it how hard it will be to leave everyone and entertaining everyone. He then says their story continues on Raw and at Extreme Rules when he defeats Cody as they celebrate together and that everyone will always be a part of the 6…1…9!
Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry
Before they start wrestling Mark says it is unfortunate for Rey that this is Rey farewell and this is his debut.
I like Mark being a heel and dominating the little guy and I thought he was going to win. Instead, before Rey could go to the top rope after the 619 Cody comes and pull him down, so Rey wins by DQ.
The two fight outside the ring and back in the crowd for another week, before fighting back to the ringside where Cody throws Rey in to an waiting Mark Henry who does a World Strongest Slam to Rey. Mark Henry leaves laughing. Back in the ring Cody puts another bag of a knocked out Rey head.

Michelle McCool vs. Layla
This match goes nowhere as the two end up fighting outside the ring and both get counted out.
After the match, Layla said if they wants to fight, then they should…at Extreme Rules! McCool accepts, but under one condition…The loser has to leave the WWE…Layla accepts! Maybe this could be seen as a little rushed as leaving the WWE is a big statement or outcome to the match, but as it is going to happen…Come on Layla.

Christian while he was injured had doubt that he would be able to come back and have this opportunity to go for the World Heavyweight Championship but now he is back he is certain he will win at Extreme Rules.

Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay vs. Christian and Randy Orton
Okay, this match did not do as much as I was hoping. After it looks like Orton was going to beat Del Rio, Del Rio escapes and manages to tag in Brodus and not long after he gets in the ring, he get RKO’d and pinned for the win..What an obvious win, when are WWE going to let someone actually beat Orton?!

What did you think of Smackdown?


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