Red Cross Car Donations – Help to Relocate Flood Victims

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Red Cross Car Donations – Red Cross Car Donations Helped to Relocate Flood Victims

Red Cross car donations helped to relocate flood victims to higher safer grounds. We are all very aware of the drastic weather changes that are affecting lives all over the world. But one thing that is always a sure thing is that when a disaster strikes the Red Cross is there. With the national flooding situation, car donations have been a great asset to the relocation for the victims. Many of the car donations are used just for disaster relief and others are used for assistance for medical treatments and families in need.

Just as the Red Cross was there after 911 and Hurricane Katrina to help in anyway possible, they are there for thousands of victims every day. Red Cross car donations programs serve as the extended arms of the organization to help them supply the needs of these victims. The cars and vehicles are used for bloodmobiles, medical transportation, food shopping assistance and much more. If the cars are sold the funds will be used for other areas of assistance.

If you have thought about donating a car to the Red Cross car donations program, please do so now. There is so many needed vehicles that the supply just is not there. The donation is a tax deduction for you as well as the joy you can feel from helping a disaster victim who is counting on us. The programs are many that the Red Cross provides and a car donation can help more than just one victim, it can help many. A van, truck or SUV can help move 5 or 6 people at a time to a safer area. Just think about how your unwanted vehicle could help.

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and anything else Mother Nature has for us are tests for us to see if we are a strong enough to help out those who need us most. A car may seem like a big item to just give away, but many don’t realize they get a competitive tax deduction along with doing good for so many in need.

Red Cross car donations are only a small part of this mighty organization. Help out with your Red Cross car donations that will help many.


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