Relevants of Prayer

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What is Prayer?

Prayer simply means communing with a master for being grateful and seeking for help through him. Prayer shows commitment to God and automatically open doors of thanksgiving and favour from God. It sounds interesting that the words ‘pray’ and ‘play’ sounds alike and sometimes interchanged or misunderstood by some people who has English language as their second language. Praying is never fun unlike playing. So what it means it that we should surrender our whole being to God in prayer and avoiding distractions that comes our way.

Prayer they say is the master key. Just as you cannot do without taken care of your stomach; on that I mean feeding on timely basis, so it is that every true believer cannot succeed without prayer. Again it should be recalled that a prayerful child of God is a powerful one whereas the reverse is a powerless child of God.

When do we Pray?

Prayer should be said at all times. As water is very importance to the human body so is prayer very essential for the spiritual growth of every true child of God. The gospel of St. Luke in the New Testament stated it clearly in Lk. 18:1 that we ought always to prayer and not to lose heart. Christians must be alert in prayers as Jesus Christ demanded Peter, James and John at the Garden of Eden to pray so that they will not be swallowed by temptation. Prayer should be treasured all the time. So therefore we owe it as our duty to keep watch in prayer and not to apply a fire brigade approach in most times when we realize we needed prayer most.

What do we pray for?

You should remember that what God cherish most is a contrite and repentant heart. God loves praises; offer it all to him. A part from what you have been asking God in your prayers, there are hand full of requests to add to your prayers. Think about people around your neighborhood, pray God on their behalf. Pray for the sick and the travelers, pray for peace in the world. If you can relax your mind very well before starting your prayers, you would find out on more things you would ask God in your prayers.


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