Wrapping Paper

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I do love holidays and I also love family gatherings. I love giving gifts and I’m always grateful receiving them. I just love Christmas! However, I dislike wrapping papers even if a number of them are just so admirable. It is just a waste of time to wrap a gift perfectly since it does not last that long. On the other hand I like the concept of gift bags but still, I know there’s something very special about looking at presents wrapped in wrapping papers placed under the Christmas tree. You can definitely feel the excitement if you see those gifts waiting for you to open them. I can easily get off with the gift bags for my relatives and other family members except for my daughter. I have got to use the paper for her. 

Last year, I really planned for Christmas a head of time. As part of that preparation, I also purchased a number of wrapping papers on the after Christmas sales. This year, I do believe that I already have enough wrapping paper on hand. I bought it with a very reasonable price. I’ve always been jealous of individuals who plan ahead just like that. Fortunately, I can already tell how it feels like to plan in advance. It is indeed very satisfying. Even if I only saved ten bucks, ten bucks is still ten bucks. In addition to that, I do not have to remind myself to buy wrapping papers this year. It seems I constantly fail to remember buying the wrapping paper ahead of time. This is the reason why I have to send my partner out in the middle of the night just to get some. 

In spite of this, I can handle wrapping paper quite well but it does not mean I am fond of it. I can do a great package all the time, and that means my mom asks me to wrap her gifts too. I’ve enough problems that I need to get through on my own. I do not want to develop both headache and backache just because of additional gift wrapping. I should start informing her that I’m not wrapping my own gifts. I will also let her know that I’m getting them wrapped at the mall. Maybe, my mother will think that I’ve got more time to do hers and my plan might fail. Still, no matter what happens, I definitely need progress. I must move. 

Once again, I’ll fight with the wrapping paper this year. On the other hand, I will still enjoy my daughter ripping my perfectly wrapped gift into shreds. It’s something that needs to happen every year, or else I won’t feel the spirit of Christmas. There are many small duties that we need to do each and every year. Part of these duties is wrapping paper and Christmas bows. I’m waiting for somebody to create a machine that can absolutely wrap gifts for you. I don’t care how much the price is because I’m going to buy it. 


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